Amy Higginbotham


Natural Sun Protection Tips for Living in the Sunshine State

So it's summertime which means the kids are out of school and you are having them play outside as much as possible. They let off steam, your house stays clean-ish, and if you're lucky,...
Top 5 Breastfeeding Accessories

Top Five Essential Breastfeeding Accessories

Breastfeeding is a beautiful, natural way to provide amazing nutrition and bond with your baby. It can also be the source of so much frustration, pain, and disappointment for new moms. If there was...

Why Moms Should “Just Say No”

"Just Say No" has recently become my mom mantra. Don't worry, I'm not talking about drugs or even kids ironically. I'm talking about moms learning to accept the fact that there are good reasons to...

Easy Summer Dessert: Fruit Salad With Honey-Lime Glaze

This fruit salad recipe is my new go-to for summer parties. It's easy, pretty, and since it's naturally sweetened with a honey-lime glaze, you can feel better about yourself and your kids indulging in...

Five Emotional Stages of Taking Kids to the Beach

The expression "a day at the beach" was obviously coined by someone who didn't have small children, or never took them to the beach. Albeit beautiful and full of fun, beach days come with...
Natural Birth

What Natural Birth Felt Like (For Me)

The words "Natural Birth" can evoke a range of reactions from pregnant mothers. Some cringe, some hope, and some just want an honest woman's experience to help them pursue their own path (insert me...
Losing A Grandparent

Saying Goodbye To Grandparents:: Ways To Honor Their Past In Our Present

A wise person once said "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard"- Winnie The Pooh. This past year my husband and I had to do just that . ....
Mox Shoes

Mox Shoes: The Best Accessory To Pack For Disney World

Motherhood isn't always a walk in the park, unless you're a Florida mom with annual passes to Disney. And then you have quite a few long, sometimes hot, possibly sticky, walks in the park....

Five Boy Mom Truths

My life is full of men: One big, two tiny. It's safe to say my house is full of Star Wars, stinky socks, and the gear to play any sport known to man. In...

Dear Disney, Thank You!

Once upon a time I may have chuckled as I drove past the mini-van mom who was proudly sporting Disney World memorabilia on her trunk. I'd see her photos on Facebook, read her posts...