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My Family is Living with a Secret

My spouse is amazing. Almost daily I'm told how beautiful I am, how much I am appreciated, and how wonderful life is with me. I truly feel blessed that my spouse honors me, loves...

Everyone Thought I Was Okay

Congratulations on your new baby! Labor and delivery were hard, but now you have a lovely new bundle to love. You are so lucky! What a beautiful new mommy. Of course, you’re tired, emotional, and...

Sex Education and STIs

Ahh good old Sex Ed. Vague memories and incredibly random pieces that stand out from that chapter of life. I recall watching a video in 5th grade about puberty and what to expect as...

Affairs: The Gift That Keeps Giving

My husband started talking about a divorce and sleeping on the couch the week after Thanksgiving. The majority of that month was a blur of holiday happenings and undeniable distance. Before we knew it,...

When Your Cries for Help Fall On Deaf Ears

“If you need help, just ask." “I’m not a mind reader, if you need something, just tell me what you need." “Stop nagging me, I’ll get to it when I get to it." All sound familiar? As...
middle school

YES! Your Kid CAN Survive the First Year of Middle School!

I can fondly think back to my middle school years. Glasses, hideous jeans that I thought were cool, and glitter eye make-up galore. Peanuts compared to what our middle school kids face nowadays. We moved...
mental health

Stop Telling Moms to Ask For Help

I know it’s not a weakness or the person's fault, yet it still has a stigma and a sting when I learn someone has a mental health condition. I can't quite put my finger...
incarcerated parent

Life as the Child of an Incarcerated Parent

"Where's your dad?" This was a question I answered all too frequently as I was growing up. Sometimes I would just say that my parents are divorced, which is true. Sometimes I would just...
talking about sex

Talking About “the Birds and the Bees” With My Middle Schooler

I should preface that each child is different, each family is different, these are my own opinions and views on how I wanted to handle the situation with my son. Your conversation may be...

The Day I Should Have Ended My Relationship With My Mother

The coveted mother-daughter relationship that everyone looks forward to in life is something that I do not have. The ones with the long phone calls of parenting advice, having someone to relate to and...