This author has asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of this topic or to protect other parties involved.
mental health

Stop Telling Moms to Ask For Help

I know it’s not a weakness or the person's fault, yet it still has a stigma and a sting when I learn someone has a mental health condition. I can't quite put my finger...
incarcerated parent

Life as the Child of an Incarcerated Parent

"Where's your dad?" This was a question I answered all too frequently as I was growing up. Sometimes I would just say that my parents are divorced, which is true. Sometimes I would just...
talking about sex

Talking About “the Birds and the Bees” With My Middle Schooler

I should preface that each child is different, each family is different, these are my own opinions and views on how I wanted to handle the situation with my son. Your conversation may be...

The Day I Should Have Ended My Relationship With My Mother

The coveted mother-daughter relationship that everyone looks forward to in life is something that I do not have. The ones with the long phone calls of parenting advice, having someone to relate to and...

It’s All Fun and Games Until Grandma Plays Favorites

Favoritism, whether it comes from a parent over their own kids, or from grandparents favoring a certain set of grandchildren over another, hurts. We may as parents be hyper-aware of playing favorites but what...

I was eight years old.

A wet mouth was covering mine, and large, clumsy fingers were pressing against my underwear through my pajamas. That's how I woke up on a Saturday morning at my best friend's house. The light...

Learning is More than a Grade

I come from a family of intellectuals. As a conscientious and determined student, I  brought home good grades throughout my academic career. I was labeled the "smart kid" by my peers. Naturally, I expected...
home mom

The Scary Side of Being a ‘Stay At Home Mom’ No One Talks About

You say "I do." You start the family. The kids, the merging of bank accounts, the sharing of souls. Blissful beginnings with the world and future shining brightly ahead of you. When I started...

The Blurry Lines of #MeToo

This will be heavy. This might challenge your ideas about #MeToo. This might not fit the mold. It will step outside of the boundaries of what qualifies as abuse, of what rape is. It...

The Other “F” Word {Fat Shaming Amongst Kids}

There are a lot of F-words, aren't there? The big one, that earned Ralphie a snack of Lifebuoy soap in A Christmas Story. The one discussed on this very blog at an earlier date. And one more:...