FPL Tricks to Treat Yourself to a Lower Bill

We are well into the Fall season when pumpkin spice abounds and Halloween is fresh in everyone's minds. And while we might want to dress up like it's cold outside, we live in Florida...

Florida Power & Light Company: Putting You in Control of Your Energy Use

Here’s a riddle for you:  It is invisible but lights up the dark, and sometimes costs more than you’d like.  Your child’s love? Awe, what a sweet sentiment, and also true, but nope!  It’s ENERGY!!! And like it...
Screen Free Week

Diary from a Screen Free Week 

Did you hear about this crazy social experiment called Screen Free Week!?? In case you missed it, it was May 1-7, 2017. I'm sure it will be back next year, so don't worry you...

Putting Pinterest to the Test: Alternatives for Easter Egg Dyeing

What is your Pinterest experience? Mine usually goes something like this: I want to make something with or for my kids, I have an idea, but need a little inspiration. Current example: Easter eggs....

Gardening Guide for Brown Thumbs

SPRING is HERE! Yes, I know, it has pretty much been here since Fall, but it is OFFICIALLY here now! And it is the perfect time to freshen up those flower beds. At this point you are...
momgress report

The MOMgress Report:: An End of the Day Progress Report for Mom

Late afternoon is usually when I get my second wind, especially if I actually have a plan for dinner. We are almost there folks! ALL I have to do is make dinner, feed the kids, clean up,...

Teaching My Daughters the “F” Word

Is the “F” word actually taboo again in the year 2017? It seems like it was almost out of style and now you are considered “nasty” if you use it. It might also be hurled at...

Empathy in the AfterMath

October 7, 2016  A day that changed so many lives in our sweet little city; homes and businesses destroyed , treasured items, family heirlooms lost to the destructive forces of a hurricane that came...

My Daughter’s Worst Nightmare :: A Candy-Free Halloween!

What kid doesn’t LOVE the idea of Halloween? Remember when you first understood what it meant? “So I get to dress up and walk up to people’s houses AFTER bedtime and they just GIVE...

Am I a Failure as a Parent? Every. Single. Day.

Sometimes when I finally put my head on the pillow after a long day, I just want to cry. If I’m being totally honest, I do cry at the end of those days. I feel...