Emily was born and raised in Houston, TX and then met her husband, Jon, at Texas A&M. They married in the small town of Wimberly and shortly after moved to sunny Florida. They have two children, Sophie (7) and Graham (3), who keep them active and constantly laughing. They have fallen in love with the city of St. Augustine and love spontaneous trips to the beach before dinner. Emily is a self-proclaimed positive polly with a healthy dose of sarcasm to make light of any situation. She enjoys a glass of wine in a quiet house but secretly loves the daily chaos. Emily is a former preschool teacher and has also tackled being a SAHM, WAHM and recently started a new career with an office job. While embracing the almost 5-year age gap her children have she is learning and loving every minute of this new transition that feels so familiar.

#MOMHACK: The 15 Minute Timer That Will Change Your Life

"The One Where My Kids Never Help." If you're a FRIENDS fan I hope you enjoy that reference. I don't care if your a working mom, stay at home mom or work from home mom....
stranger danger

Is Teaching Children ‘Stranger Danger’ A Thing Of The Past?

This is a question I recently asked my husband. After a long plane ride with only one child (aka practically a vacation), I had pretty much scrolled through every parenting podcast out there. The...
homemade ornaments

Why You Won’t Find Homemade Ornaments On MY Christmas Tree

Let's be honest here. There are two types of decorated trees. There is the one with homemade ornaments. You know the cute little handprints cut out with reindeer ears and Rudolph's noses. Or the...

Girl, You Need To Read This Book

I should start this off by saying, I am not a big reader. I have never been a huge reader but I do love to listen to a podcast from time to time. I...

How I Learned To Appreciate The Unsolicited Comments

When my daughter was a toddler I would get annoyed when we were out and about trying to get through the day and strangers would make unsolicited comments. Unless it was a compliment my...

{{Call To Action}} Back to School Transportation Trouble In SJC

Back to school means back to routines. From planning lunches to nailing down transportation there is a flow of things that is returning to our lives after a much-needed break. Unfortunately, for some St....
golf cart

Living Our Best Life: Golf Cart Edition

Shortly after moving to Florida I noticed that several communities advertised being 'golf cart friendly.' My next thought was typical, then where is the golf course? At first, I was baffled that sometimes there...

Tour de Sweets: How to Have A Sweet Spring Break In St. Augustine

Growing up I had a neighbor who always talked about her favorite spring break tradition. Every child in her family was given one night of the week to pick a dessert for the family....

The 5 Stages of Preparing to Go on Vacation Without Your Kids

Recently my husband and I decided it was time for a much-needed vacation. We love taking our children to explore new places but for the first time in seven years, we were ready to...

Mommy’s Secret To Sanity: The Sorority Sister Babysitter

As a stay at home mom who went back to work and eventually stayed home again, I have a secret to share with you. I use a sitter once a week to maintain my...