Growing up in central Florida, Ginger took annual vacations to St. Augustine throughout her childhood. She quickly learned to love the combination of historic charm and the beach, as well as a deep love for all things Florida—hot and humid summer days, thunderstorms, and the smell of orange blossoms. After meeting her husband in Gainesville, they relocated to St. Augustine where they have been living for the past fourteen years. In 2013 she became a mother for the first time, as well as a stay-at-home mom. Her family has grown since then, which now consists of her shy school-aged son, feisty preschooler daughter, two rambunctious dogs, and ten curious chickens. They are a homeschooling family who enjoy supplementing education with as many outdoor activities as possible.

Entering the Trenches: How an Introvert Finds Mom-Friends

Human interaction is a peculiar and complex exchange, or so thinks my introverted self. It requires listening, responding, making appropriate eye contact, and catching onto necessary social cues. With one person, sure—that isn't so...

Living the Good Life with The Buy Nothing Project

"Two lumps, or three?" I asked in my over-the-top prim voice as only a lady with a silver tea set acquired from The Buy Nothing Project can manage. The Buy Nothing Project has afforded...

Celebrating Family on National Chocolate Milkshake Day

Sweet and heavy, but with a smoothness that fills you to the brim — that's a chocolate milkshake. Or, it could be a way to describe how it feels to raise a family. Believe...

A Homeschooling Mom’s Primer: Three Responses to Big Homeschooling Myths

I have an image in my head of a meme that reads something like "I'm not always sarcastic, but when I am, someone is telling me homeschooling myths." I suppose after hearing quite a...

How to Grow Edibles with Ease in Florida’s Heat and Humidity

Thunder was grumbling in the distance as the warm, wet cloud of humidity wrapped around my skin. The cicadas in the trees serenaded me as my feet sloshed through the warm puddles not yet...

The Art Of Raising Butterflies…And Hopefully Not Killing Them

It was last spring when those squishy creepy-crawly wannabe butterflies first came into my life. My son happened across a book at the library about raising monarch butterflies. He read through the book and...

A Stay-At-Home Mom’s Doubts: Is It Okay To Not Have A Career?

Every morning I wake up, get out of bed, and begin my day in my chosen career as a stay-at-home mom. Immediately after the birth of my first child, it was clear to me...

10 Books Sure To Get Kids Turning Pages With Free Electronic Resources

During these troubled times, it is wonderful to have a mental escape, and there is no better way than through a good book! I believe children almost universally enjoy being read to, even well...

I Had a Breast Problem and a Question: Do Mammograms Hurt?

On a bright and clear afternoon, I walked out of the doctor's office with two things on my person that I had not ever anticipated having, or at least not the first thing—a problem...

The Imperfect Making of an Idyllic Valentine’s Day Kid Date

"Do cucumbers grow on a vine?" This question came at me while I was still in a dream. I was dreaming about spending the afternoon on an idyllic Valentine's date as the perfect mother...