Jennifer was born and raised in New Jersey, moving to the Sunshine State to attend Miami (Go Canes!). After graduation, she began a decade-long career in Sports & Event Management in South Florida, but moved to St. Augustine to become a SAHM when she and her husband, Keith, were expecting their son. She and Keith are enjoying the crazy and rewarding adventure of parenthood with their middle-school-aged son, a grumble of pugs and a hedgehog. Jennifer holds leadership roles with both the PTA and BSA and believes in the power of community involvement and volunteerism. The family can be found traveling (both locally and worldwide), trying new restaurants, and toeing the start line of road races, near and far. Jennifer owns the blog Runs With Pugs and is a freelance writer and social media consultant.

Letting Go + Flying High at Aerial Athlete

Last month, I posted about doing something that scares you. At the time, I was referring to things just slightly out of the comfort zone. At no time did I imagine the challenge to that...

Five Ways to Be a Better Mom (and You!) in the New Year

As we have all figured out, this parenting thing is hard. There are no rules, and every time we think we have it figured out, the game takes a 180-degree turn, leaving us spinning.  Being...

Alzheimer’s Awareness: Remembering For Those Who Cannot

November is National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month. For more information about Alzheimer's Disease and resources for help, please visit the Alzheimer's Association website at  My Nana made the most incredible apple pies. She sliced red and...

Run St. Augustine

I have this routine. Three days a week, pretty much without fail, I set my alarm for a time well before the sun comes up. I roll out of bed, usually still half-asleep, and I...

Turn The Tables On School Night Dinners

The kids are back to school and everyone is getting back into the fall swing of things. In some ways, it's great: there is order and routine and everyone knows the schedule. On the...

Pokemon Go with the Family

We are not much of a video game household. Neither my husband nor I were big gamers growing up (barring some black and white Game Boy Tetris), and so we are pretty behind the...
Family Vacation

Enjoying The Perfect Family Resort Vacation

My husband and I have a pretty serious case of wanderlust. It's something we have (unapologetically) passed down to our son, and I hope that we will all enjoy traveling the country and the...

The Best Frozen Treats in St. Augustine

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! It's time to enjoy the summer. Of course, one of this family's favorite ways to do that is with frozen treats. Let's take a look...
bike month

Cycling Into National Bike Month

May has to be one of my favorite months of the year: spring, May flowers, Mother's Day, my birthday ... But I digress. May also happens to be National Bike Month. Now is the time...
Earth Day

5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Kids

On April 22, 1970, Americans of all ages, creeds, and walks of life joined together to commemorate the very first Earth Day. Conceived by Gaylord Nelson, formerly a Wisconsin senator, it was a day to...