Kerri H

Kerri H
Kerri is a new Floridian, having relocated from Chicago to Saint Augustine less than two short years ago. She just celebrated her sixth wedding anniversary with her Disney obsessed husband, Matthew. They met on the first day of freshman year at DePaul University and have been inseparable ever since. Kerri graduated with her B.A. in English & Dramaturgy and M.A. in Technical Communications. She loves learning a little bit about everything by doing freelance writing/editing projects and giving back via non-profit grant writing. Now a mother of two, she celebrates her September babies, Elliot and June. On any given weekend in Saint Augustine, you’ll likely find her drinking all the coffee while watching her son’s baseball game or looking for shark’s teeth at Mickler’s landing.

[Celebrating MLK Day] We Create the Lens For How Our Children View the World 

It can be difficult to find the right time to teach children about challenging topics, but as parents, we are responsible for providing the appropriate lens to best explain how to understand the inequities...

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tooth fairy

5 Magical & Memorable Tooth Fairy Ideas That Children Will Love

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Tips for Making Magical Moments at Disney After Dark

Does your family happen to love Disney World as much as ours? As new Floridians, my husband could not wait to become Annual Passholders and join in plastering our cars with the latest collectible...