Lauren Holtzclaw

Lauren Holtzclaw
Relocating to St Augustine by way of Alabama in 2012 proved to be the catalyst of change for this mama. Widowed in 2013, life brutally yanked the rug out from underneath Lauren and her three young children. “Not done” was her mantra as she bravely took steps to create a new life on her own terms. She unexpectedly found new love and received a sweet plot twist with a fourth bonus baby in 2015. Unbecoming all that she was to step into her happiest, most authentic version to date has been her favorite part of the journey. Leaning into curiosity she’s now lit up by all things woo-woo, neuroscience and personal development. Using energy and her intuitive gifts she now has the honor of guiding women to heal their past and create an empowered future as a Neuro-Transformational Results Coach.

Chick-fil-a, Anxiety and Becoming My Own Advocate For Mental Well-being

It’s been over 10 years since a jolting panic attack that was triggered by the need to call the kind folks at my local Chick-fil-a and it only continues to look clearer that I...

This School Year Will Be Challenge, Not a Problem

I have actively chosen to move through this year as a challenge instead of a problem and it has been monumental for my mental wellbeing. Challenges are on trend these days, right? My kids...
don't mess up the kids

Don’t Mess up the Kids

Does anyone else have this as a parenting goal? I’d love to spare my children some (or all) of the suffering I’ve experienced but that’s impossible to predict. They will also have to move...
pandemic life

Choosing a New Perspective on Navigating Pandemic Life

I have been hella moody on and off for weeks now. All things (pandemic) considered, everything is well in my world and at the same time everything is flipped upside down.  I can’t say...

Sober Curious:: My Path to Alcohol (Self) Awareness

April is Alcohol Awareness month but for me, it’s more about Alcohol Self Awareness. I've changed my relationship with alcohol drastically within the last year. I drink maybe one or two adult beverages a...

I Am Not Willing to Repeat One More Day of Our History

I miss my mom. We haven’t spoken in five years and I’ve missed her for every single one of them. The sudden disconnect was something I had feared since I was a kid; however,...