Leah Noel

Leah was born in the Wild West of California and raised in the beautiful bluegrass of Kentucky. She fell in love with the magic of St Augustine and moved here as a newlywed. She lives with four untamable children, a menagerie of animals and a loving husband. Leah spends most of her time trying to wrangle small beasts as they explore the world, tell her they don’t want what’s for dinner and complain about wearing shoes. Her favorite things are seeing the spark of discovery in little eyes and being creative. Leah loves to help and has a tender heart. She rarely meets someone she doesn’t like. Don’t be afraid to say hello if you see her out and about.

Night Owl Moms Unite! Tips for Surviving Among Early Birds

I have always been a night owl. As the moon rises and the stars come out, my mind clears, and I am more productive. It seems to run in my family; My children have...

The Big Cry: Why Big Emotions are Important

He ran down the sidewalk laughing. His awkward proportions had no effect on his speed as he propelled himself toward me. Suddenly, the rubber sole of his shoe caught on the cement, abruptly stopping...
Tax Filing

10 Things I Would Rather Do Than Filing Taxes

I hate filing taxes! This task is an unhappy annual tradition for all working adults. Except for my husband, who at the moment of our marriage and the words "filing jointly," discovered he didn't...
celebration holiday happy

Find Something to Celebrate! There’s a Holiday for Everything

There is a holiday for almost every imaginable thing; There's a National Wiggle Your Toes Day, National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day, and National Two Different Colored Shoes Day. If you are...

What St. Augustine Families Need to Know about the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is in St Johns county and according to the CDC, community spread is inevitable. In light of this pandemic, grocery stores struggle to supply demand, there are tense interactions between strangers,...

Real Life New Year’s Resolutions

I'm sure you made a few New Year's resolutions while you were slightly inebriated and tired on New Year's Eve. If you're like me, your resolutions are already unsustainable. You know that quote, "If...

Where Have All the Trick-or-Treaters Gone?

Where have all the trick-or-treaters gone? Many of my friends have lamented the decreasing number of children at their door on Halloween night. Is the tradition of trick-or-treating dying? We are fortunate to live...

The Age of Parenting: Which Avengers Hero Are You?

I love to get lost in a good Marvel movie. It's fun to pretend that I'm just a gamma ray away from becoming something extraordinary. These characters are very different from me and my...

Eulogy for a Stray Dark Hair: The Coarse Whisker of Defiance

That single stray hair. You know the one I’m talking about. Every woman has one. The long, coarse hair that springs from your chin, forehead or cheek overnight. I’ve heard so many names for this...

Love Your Body: You are Much More than a Size

Do you hate yourself because you aren't thin? Don't let all of the weight loss commercials, fitness models, and gym sales throw you into a state of shame. Instead of falling into the body...