Logan Lewis

Logan relocated to St Augustine in 2018 from the Atlanta area when her husband’s job transferred him to the Jax area. Logan and Randy have been married for ten years and have three amazing kiddos: Sarah (6), Charlotte (3), and Liam (2). Echo the dog (12) is still hanging around too despite losing his former position as a favorite dependent. Logan enjoys writing, kayaking, and all things birth! She used to enjoy hiking in the north Georgia mountains but has since replaced that hobby with exploring the unique places St Augustine has to offer. She does videography on the side and loves to film births more than anything. If she had to do all over again she probably would have become a midwife! In the spare time she doesn’t have, Logan enjoys NOT cleaning her house, which remains a disaster almost 24/7 despite her efforts.

Adventures in Potty Training Boys

Potty training. Only those two words can make a full-grown adult cringe with anxiety (or fear). After my two girls, I rather considered myself somewhat of an expert. When my son turned two at the end...

The Most Ridiculous Things Ever Cried Over While Pregnant

Oh, pregnancy hormones. Only you could make a full-grown woman collapse into hysteria over a plate of nachos gliding off the dinner plate and onto the floor.  Yet that is what happens when the gas...

Vacation: The Ultimate Misnomer When Children Are Involved

It was the summer of 2017 when a stranger on the beach brought me to the abrupt realization that moms with young children do not, in fact, vacation when they are accompanied by their...

Solo Bathroom Trips and Other Mom Dreams Come True

Mother’s Day is in the rearview mirror now. For a lot of us, that means another trip around the sun before we receive any sort of official recognition for what feels like a daily...

My Family’s Easter Photo is a Lie

I posted this picture on Easter, and shortly afterward I felt an overwhelming urge to offer a disclaimer caption: **This is not an accurate depiction of how our day is going.** In fact, that day...

Meet St. Augustine Mom Logan:: Birth Videographer + Beneficiary of Unfortunate (yet hilarious) Situations

Hi there new momma friends! My name is Logan Lewis and I am thrilled to be a part of such an amazing network of other moms. My family moved to Saint Augustine in 2018...