Meagan Nordmann Fowler is a mother of two sweet little girls, Etta and Faera. As a family of four, they enjoy their proximity to the beach as much as possible. Meagan is a former journalist and editor who still struggles with being concise and is happily immersing herself in the role of motherhood after a fast-paced career in publishing, marketing and tech. She strives towards minimalism and tries her hardest to teach her children to enjoy life “unplugged”, while battling her own social media addiction--all topics she loves to write about on St. Augustine Moms Blog. She also writes educational posts and reviews about CBD oils on her personal blog, Household Hemp, which explores the newly legal hemp oil’s presence in household items from diaper rash creams to shampoos and dog treats. You can find her at @MegNordmann on Instagram and Twitter.

The Real Conversation We Should Be Having About Screen Time

There was a time when my husband came home from work that our child would go running to the front door as fast as her toddler feet could carry her, shouting “DADDY!” with outstretched...
reducing plastic use

Reducing Plastic Use for a Healthier Home and a Healthier Earth

We all have read the mind-blowing statistics of how much damage we are doing to our planet with excessive waste and plastics that won’t break down. We know we are exposing ourselves to so...
postpartum body

A Love Letter to My Postpartum Body

I’m proud of this tiger-striped belly and this body. I've made room for an 8-pound human to be created inside of me twice now, and so my organs have had to reorganize themselves multiple times....

5 Simple Tips to the KonMarie Method with Children Built to Destroy

In January of 2019, right as everyone was packing away their excessive amounts of Christmas decorations and dutifully preparing their New Year Resolution lists, Netflix wisely launched its newest show: Tidying Up with Marie...

One Mother’s Best New Year’s Resolution: Podcasts and Audiobooks

I spent one evening last year curled up on my couch with a pen and a notebook, dreaming up my next New Year’s Resolutions. Usually, I skip the resolutions and throw a Vision Board...

Mom Approved Chores for the Helpful Toddler

I recently shared on social media about my toddler doing chores. And it occurred to me after a few comments from other moms that they didn’t think their children were ready to help out...

St. Augustine Day Trips: Family-Friendly Farms

We are fortunate to live on Anastasia Island in St. Augustine, where our child is growing up exploring sand dunes, collecting seashells and spotting gopher tortoises digging their holes. But it’s so nice to...
digital detox

Minimalist Mom: My Digital Detox (Cutting Down on Social Media)

This winter, a Facebook friend posted a screenshot of their battery percentage use, found in the settings of their iPhone. This friend was mortified and concerned at how much of their percentage (and time)...

Battling Infertility and “Waiting” for Motherhood

An Interview with Author & Photographer Natascha Dea It was a rare grey, rainy day in St. Augustine when I phoned Natascha Dea in Chicago. We compared notes on our grey landscapes and she mentioned...

Minimalist Mom: Reduce the Playroom Clutter

As part of my "Minimalist Mom" series, I want to first address one of the first issues a mother has to tackle when attempting to keep a clutter-free home. Personally, I define "minimalism" as...