Megan Soto

Megan Soto
Megan moved to St. Augustine for college in 2007 and has called it home ever since. She has a bachelors degree in psychology that she doesn’t use, but pays for every month. Megan is a single mom to three amazing kids and runs her photography business Megan Soto Photography.
Christmas traditions

The Gift of Christmas Anxiety

I was laying in bed with a head cold napping on and off while my three kids destroyed the house and watched TV. There were many instances where a kid would burst into my...

Tips + Tricks to Making That Family Photo Album You Keep Putting Off

Another birthday party has come to a close. All our friends have left and the messes are relatively contained. I sit down and flip through my phone and smile (usually lol) at the images...

Trust the Children: Educating during the Quarantine

How many of us are always complaining about how busy our lives are? Of how hectic our schedules are? How burnt out we are? Regardless of where your stress lands, for many people the...

Packing Lunches is the Worst

We’re over a month into the school year and I’m already daydreaming of simpler days of summer lunches. Lunchtime? Cool — throw a tub of hummus on the table and a bag of pita...

When Your Passion Becomes Your Profession

I never in a million years imagined growing up I would run my own business. But with a lot of hard work, and a good amount of luck, I managed to turn my passion...

Divorced Dating Really Sucks

If you think motherhood is lonely, try doing motherhood without a spouse. It sucks. Sitting side by side watching ‘Parks and Recreation’ re-runs while you play on your phones ignoring the TV beats Grey's...

In Defense of Black Friday Weekend

The weekend after Thanksgiving. There's Black Friday, then Small Business Saturday, followed by Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday. I’m sure there is something on Sunday, but I can’t think of what it is. A...
big kids

Life After A Newborn … It Gets Better

There is seriously nothing cuter than a squishy lovey newborn. That newborn smell is the best scent in the world. Or a chunky baby wobbling as they learn to sit up for the first...

Public Breastfeeding in the Oldest City | #PBAP2018

For the past five years, I have photographed mothers feeding in public locations as part of the Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project (PBAP), a global photography campaign to erase the stigma around public breastfeeding. I...

Life in the Fat Lane:: Embracing My Body Size

I watched a family member suffer from severe eating disorders when I was in college. Hospitalizations, feeding tubes, rehab facilities - the list goes on and on and on. It consumed her. I also watched...