Nicole Owens

My name is Nicole Owens. I am from a small town, Palatka, Fl. I have lived in Florida all of my life, and love anything that has to do with the water. I have a Masters in School Counseling, and Bachelors in Elementary Education. In 2014 I started my own Health and Wellness business, and have been a full time Entrepreneur since 2015. I am the mommy to two, not so little’s anymore, Traven (12) and Tinsley (6). My husband and I met while I was attending college at the University of Florida, and we have been married for 12 years. My passions include all things coffee, my kiddos, advocating for PKU families, and helping others embrace their story. My life’s anthem is centered around the verses found in Jeremiah 29 :11-13, and I believe this parenting walk is all about embracing our messes and boldly walking in faith.

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