holiday stress

The holidays are here! And, as much as I love the holidays sometimes (usually) it can be accompanied by mounds of stress.

holiday stress

You can do anything but you cannot do everything.

It can be really stressful to be around friends and family that you do not see often. Not everybody is on the same path and some people send out energy vibes that you just do not want to be around or take in.

As amazing as my friends and family are there are some that radiate out at a negative energy vibration that can certainly be felt.

We are all intuitive and can be affected by another’s energy whether we think we are or not. You may have to “listen” to what they are saying but you do not have to take it in as your own. Negative energy vibes are usually felt when you are not on the same path as another.

Clarity and Intention

Before you have that gathering, go to that dinner, go out shopping for the day or before you stress out about money set your clarity and intention for the day. Clarity and intention will lessen your stress. Set the day up for how you would like for it to go before it starts. Be Clear. If you are familiar with manifesting your life on purpose this is not much different. Your focus however during the holidays will be geared a bit differently since this shorter time frame allows for a lot of immediate success.

Picture a day in the life around the holidays. When you wake up in the morning and you know you have a long to-do list visualize how you would like the day to go. If you feel that the outcome is a little unrealistic that is even more reason to envision your desired outcome. Picture yourself getting the first parking space, the lines are shorter, the people are helpful and happy. Picture the event when your family and friends are all together and everything is running smoothly.

Now, let’s mention those people that tend to annoy you and stress you out.

Picture yourself having a pleasant conversation with them. Because even if those people are still annoying and radiating out at a low and negative energy frequency you will be allowing you energy frequency to stay positive and open by not letting them interfere with your high vibes.

It’s not selfish to take time to yourself.

If you feel yourself getting stressed and you feel like you need a minute, take a minute. Do whatever you have to do even if it’s just to take a deep breath in and out during a few minutes alone. It’s all going to be ok. You have just reset. It’s absolutely okay to take that minute.

When you start to feel blah or stressed and you start anticipating the negativity before it even begins, that is a huge sign to take a few minutes and visualize your desired outcome. This is important during the holidays as well as all year long. 

Sometimes a STOP is what it takes!

I will sometimes say STOP to myself when I feel the stress building. If you start feeling yourself getting into that annoyed state of mind or having feelings towards someone that is negative. Say stop. Change your thought. Remember thoughts turn into feelings and feelings turn into reality. 

Proving yourself.

Another thing to remember is to be proud of yourself. Be proud of where you are right now. Sometimes when you get around people that you don’t see very often you may feel like you need to prove yourself. The “I have done this or that” syndrome. Just remember that you are in the right place right now. The only person that needs to be proud of you is you.

Don’t worry about what Aunt Susie, Uncle Tom, cousins, parents, siblings, friends, etc. It doesn’t matter what they think. It really doesn’t. Worrying about what they think doesn’t affect the other person at all it only affects you and the energy you are radiating out.  You need to look out for you. Because when you look out for you, you are also looking out for everyone around you. You are not being selfish.  

Start the day off right.

When you wake up in the morning look in the mirror and be proud of yourself, proud of where you are right now. Compliment yourself. We know that connecting to our intuitive self-reduces stress and when you are sure to connect first thing in the morning you start your day off right.

Be grateful for everything.

When you go to someone’s home, be grateful that you are there. When your friends and family walk through the door be grateful they are there. Be grateful for the food and company. Be grateful for the people that are not in the best of health, be grateful that you have time with them. If you’re one that has a quiet holiday be grateful for the quietness right now. There is always something to be grateful for.

An attitude of gratitude, we have all heard it before. If you do not have an attitude of gratitude you will never have enough. You must be grateful for everything. That is when the abundance comes to you. Health, wealth and joy.

Protect yourself from the negative vibes.

One thing that I love to do is I surround myself with a white or pink light. I envision it filling the soft bubble that I visually surround myself with. I picture any negative energies bouncing off of my bubble and dissolving into the universe.

And then I allowed joy and happiness, my Go-To vision, to enter my bubble and fill me. This is something that I visualize when I am around negativity. When I began doing this in my late 20’s I noticed what a huge difference it made in the way I felt at that particular moment and the way it kept the positive flow headed my way.

Fill that bubble around you with joy, gratitude, love, and excitement. Feel the stress melt away.

A fun experiment to do when you have a lot of people around.

I do this a lot, especially during the holidays.

I take a look at the people that I know that are always negative and picture a white light around them. I am envisioning this coming from up above and surrounding them. I send love their way energetically. It’s amazing to watch the change in people. Try it with strangers too!

Remember that your attitude and the way that you are putting out your energy vibration is the difference between an ordeal and something not being an ordeal. Sometimes you must let those little things go. By letting those little things go it can change the outcome of everything!

You really can have a non-stressful holiday, you have control over you.


Be really careful about the way you use the words don’t have, want, can’t and when. Take those out of your vocabulary for the holidays (and forever). You will see how it changes the outcome of your holidays and your world.

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