Life is meant to be celebrated, together!

2020 has been a year that could best be summed up for us all as an unfamiliar season. Regardless of what all this year has brought to you and your family, YOU MADE IT! That in itself is something to celebrate in a BIG way! As a family, you have walked together in uncharted territory in countless areas of your life this year. What greater way to embrace each of your faithfulness to put one foot in front of the other than to ring in the New Year with some celebrating.

For the past few years, we have celebrated the ending of the year and the beginning of the New Year as a family. Buy those party decorations, blow up some balloons, bring out the fancy glassware, and have some fun together as a family!ringing in the new year

Party Decor

Decorating for your New Year’s celebration does not have to break the bank. In fact, you can grab some balloons from your local store, confetti from that dollar aisle us mom’s love, grab a pair of scissors, a string that I am sure you have in that craft basket of yours, and construction paper. Some fun ideas include hand made party hats that you can find free printables for.


I am sure by now we have all heard, experienced, enjoyed, and even made a few of these at this point in the year. Charcuterie boards have become the latest craze, and are something that the kids cannot only do with the assistant of a parent but in most cases, they can get creative and make one themselves. You do not have to run out and purchase a multitude of items. In fact, more than likely you have all of your kid’s favorites at home! That is the best part of a Charcuterie board. There is no one way to make them. In fact, it is all about throwing your favorite snack items onto a board, filling it with colorful foods, and snacking the night away. Pinterest has some great ideas for kid-friendly boards, but I would encourage you and your family to hit the pantry and fridge and make your very own board a reality!

ringing in the new year


As a family, we sit down each year and talk about what we accomplished for the year. We share some of our highs, lows, and things that we would like to improve in. Then, we set goals — individual goals, and family goals. This can include family nights once a month. Eating dinner together at the dinner table X amount of days a week. Saving X amount of dollars for a wish list family vacation for the upcoming year. Traditions should be important not only to you but to the kids as well. Allowing them to be a part of the process in which you set yourself up for the New Year, gives them the ability to take ownership, and feel like alongside you, they too can achieve those things that are important to them.

Most importantly HAVE FUN! Life can be so very heavy but is truly what we make of it. So, why not throw on a fancy outfit, pop a bottle of sparkling juice, and ring in the New Year and all it has to bring together as a family.

ringing in the new year

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