Prior to writing this post, I did an informal quiz on Facebook, asking my mom friends how long it took them to get ready in the morning. The answers ranged greatly with a low of eight minutes, a high of an hour and an average time of 30 minutes. For some friends, this included a shower, for some this included some type of hair/makeup application, for some friends it only included teeth brushing and just maybe changing out of yesterday’s yoga pants. For ALL of us, it did not include time wrestling sleepy children out of bed in the morning, meal prepping or chasing a naked toddler trying to wipe his snotty nose. Only the time it takes to get us moms ready in the morning. I have managed to whittle down my entire morning routine to the magic number of 15, seven of which is strictly hair and makeup.

Am I a Beauty Expert?

Not by any stretch. Am I a busy working mom who manages to look at least halfway put-together 94.7% of the time? Yup. It goes without saying that, of course, none of us need makeup to be beautiful. If you don’t like or want to wear makeup and/or style your hair, AWESOME! If you only want to wear makeup on date night, AWESOME! If you like makeup and hairstyling that can be done in seven minutes flat, here goes.   

hair and makeup

I Just Woke Up, Y’all

After popping out of bed like toast, I start my day brushing teeth, chugging tons of water and have also recently added in a gum detoxifying treatment that I love. Do my gums need a detox? Not sure. Do I think I’m somehow improving my oral health? Absolutely. And because I’m 41 now, things as ridiculously boring as oral health pop up on the radar. I shower at night so I am able to skip this step in the morning (probably the biggest time-saver of all because I wash my hair and shave every day so showers are a huuuge time suck). After my teeth and gums are feeling sufficiently youthful, I splash my face with water, pat it dry and apply a thin layer of Oil of Olay. 

Makeup Time, Y’all

I forgot to mention that I’m totally cheap when it comes to makeup. It’s drugstore beauty products allll day errry day. First up is a primer. I have only been using a primer for a year now but can definitely tell the difference with vs. without it. You have to let it set for 30 seconds so I use this time to get everything out of my makeup bag and also apply a lip stain. Then under-eye concealer is applied. Next up, foundation. Finally, I apply under-eye highlighter (product multi-tasking, this is on the flip side of the concealer I use) and round out my skin/lip routine with tinted lip balm.

Now it’s time for the eye portion of the morning. I cannot believe I actually just typed that sentence. Ahem, moving along. I do a quick swipe of mascara primer and move on to my eyebrows. First is a light application of crayon highlighter just below the eyebrows. Perhaps I have had this one in my toolkit for a few years too many because I searched for a link to buy it and it is not sold anymore. Next up I draw back on the eyebrows I was told not to pluck as a teenager because they would “never grow back.” In related news, teenagers should actually listen to grown-ups, it turns out they actually know a few things. Last up is mascara and it’s time to move on to my hair.

Time for the Hairbones

Because I shower at night I wake up with air-dried hair. Also, my hair is short-ish. If you have longer/thicker hair this will obviously take longer. For me, I whip out my Revlon MIRACLE TOOL and three minutes later my hair no longer scares the neighborhood children. After this, I get dressed and it’s time to face the day. I “face the day” by sitting at the computer in my bedroom office, but, hey, you do you!

hair and makeup
All done!

So that’s my magic 7-minute hair/makeup routine and the drugstore products I use to make it happen. We are all busy moms without enough hours in the day. Because I work from home I could actually get away with wearing PJs all day if I wanted. But that just wouldn’t feel good to me. I believe that when you look good you feel good and this is what works for me. If you are still in the mom stage that includes marveling over the enormity of your 3-year-old’s foot (in comparison to the foot of the newborn currently latched onto your nipple) it’s just too soon. But if you, like me, are in the “I breathed too loudly in front of my teenager and now she hates me” stage of life you just might enjoy doing things to start feeling pretty again. Go for it!

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Kristy Riley
Kristy was born in Key West and spent her childhood moving all over the east coast courtesy of her Naval officer Mom, Maggi. Kristy lived in Jacksonville from high school until 2018 when she relocated to St. Augustine. A few years after graduating from college she met her husband Craig, affectionately known as many variations of Crugger. They married in 2005 and had daughter Madeline in 2006, son Baylor in 2009 and son Connor in 2012. A non-dog-lover, she is OBSESSED with the family Goldendoodle, Motley. She thinks glitter is the devil but loves everything DIY and has paint under her fingernails more often than not. Kristy and Craig enjoy an entrepreneurial spirit and run several small businesses, including her camper flipping side hustle, Sassy Campers. If she's not working you are sure to find her at a football/ baseball/ soccer field. She is excited to explore her new city!