bike month

May has to be one of my favorite months of the year: spring, May flowers, Mother’s Day, my birthday … But I digress. May also happens to be National Bike Month.

bike month

Now is the time to buckle on your helmet, pump some air in your tires and get cycling, taking advantage of the gorgeous spring weather. Here are my top five reasons to get out on your bike!

Family Time

Biking is the perfect activity for adults and children alike, making it great for families. Not only is there the benefit of togetherness and bonding, but it’s great for physical activity as well. You can take the bikes out around the neighborhood or transport them to ride on local trails or bike paths, depending on what’s local to you. A change of scenery is always fun and adds to the sense of adventure. Bonus: it’s time spent unplugged and focused on your loved ones.


Cycling is great exercise. Benefits include strengthening and endurance, and of course, it’s great for the legs and core. The best part is that most of the time, it doesn’t even feel like you’re getting a workout. Incorporating riding into your week is a great and easy way to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Personal Accomplishment

With more cycling events readily available for all age groups, riding a bike can pave the way towards learning a new sport and getting in some healthy competition.

bike month

Environmentally Friendly

Even though northeast Florida doesn’t lend itself to great bike commuting, if your work is a few miles from home, on roads with established bike lanes, riding instead of driving your car is great for the environment. No gas, no fumes, fewer people on the road causing less congestion and less air pollution. At least one day a week, my husband rides his bike the six miles to and from his office, just to change it up and give himself a break from sitting in the car.

Good for the Budget

Not only is commuting by bike great for the planet, but it’s great for your wallet, too. You can save on expensive tanks of gas, by powering yourself via the pedal.

The month is full of events to help you celebrate. Don’t see anything you like? Don’t hesitate to organize your own ride or event! The more people hopping on their bikes, the greater the success of National Bike Month.

Here are some of the big ways you can celebrate.

Bike to School Day (May 8): From the people who brought you “Walk To School Day“, May 8 is “Bike to School Day.” If your school doesn’t already have an organized event set up for this day, feel free to reach out to administrators to get one on the calendar for next year (click here for a great guide to help get you started!)

CycloFemme (May 12)Every year, on Mother’s Day, CycloFemme celebrates women’s cycling by encouraging women to strike out on an individual or group ride or race in their area. Share your journey on social media with “#cyclofemme” to connect with like-minded female cyclists.

Bike to Work Week (May 13 -19): If it is safe and reasonable to do so, try using your bike to commute to work. Friday, May 17th is the official “Bike To Work” Day, if you aren’t comfortable pedaling out more than once in the week.


*Please remember to be safe and always wear a helmet and reflective gear while riding.*

What’s your reason to ride?

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