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Thank you Dr. Cruz and Dr. Podraza for welcoming me into your practice and sharing these important tips with our readers. All opinions are my own.

Motherhood can be a pain in the neck, literally. Since becoming a mom, I have suffered more back and neck pain than ever before. The weight of pregnancy mixed with the trauma of labor and delivery can cause all types of issues. Throw in the postpartum struggle of carrying a diaper bag and car seat, constant stress and sleepless nights, and you have a recipe for spinal disaster. I recently had the opportunity to visit Lighthouse Chiropractic to talk to Dr. Cruz and Dr. Podraza about the importance of spinal health and why chiropractic care should be a priority for all moms. 

Lighthouse Chiropractic

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy wreaks havoc on the body. I remember having so many aches and pains, many which still remained long after delivery. I didn’t even know chiropractic services were possible while pregnant until speaking to Dr. Cruz. She explained the vast benefits of being adjusted during pregnancy including the relief of neck, back, and pelvic pain. Chiropractic care during pregnancy can also encourage optimal fetal position through proper pelvic alignment which supports a natural labor and delivery and can reduce average labor time.

Lighthouse Chiropractic even has a special table with a drop out section so an expecting mom can comfortably lay on her stomach while being adjusted. From first trimester nausea to third-trimester sciatic pain and even discomfort postpartum, Dr. Cruz provides treatment and support throughout every phase of pregnancy. 

Benefits of Pediatric Chiropractic Care

While speaking with Dr. Cruz and Dr. Podraza, they also enlightened me to the many benefits of pediatric chiropractic care. Did you know even a newborn can be adjusted? Birth is a traumatic experience for mom and baby. A child’s spinal misalignment can lead to all sorts of other issues in those critical baby and toddler years. Babies go through tons of testing in the hospital and in the first few months of life, but traditional medicine doesn’t consider a baby’s spinal health. Dr. Cruz recommends at least doing an initial exam and adjustment if needed. Checking their spinal alignment is a great way to ensure the best start for your baby. 

Lighthouse Chiropractic Care St Augustine

Lighthouse Chiropractic also offers a full range of pediatric services for kids of all ages. Dr. Cruz has two young kids of her own so she is able to relate on a personal level when it comes to kids treatment. The office is definitely kid-friendly with a fun little play area and a special treatment room just for children. A child’s adjustment isn’t like an adult’s. A series of small movements and taps using special instruments can be enough to adjust the sensitive spine of a kid. Dr. Cruz specializes in pediatric chiropractic care and demonstrates expertise in this specific niche of treatment.  

The First Appointment

I was able to experience the entire new patient process first-hand. Here’s what to expect if you want to book a chiropractic visit with Lighthouse Chiropractic. Their office is easy to find and conveniently located between Palencia and Nocatee on US1. Upon arrival, they had a welcome message on their chalkboard in the lobby welcoming patients for the day. I was offered bottled water and then taken back to begin the process. 

Lighthouse Chiropractic Care St Augustine

We started by discussing the importance of the spinal cord and how it integrates every aspect of health. The nervous system controls the body. The spinal cord houses the nervous system. It’s amazing what side effects result from the different parts of the spine being out of alignment. The initial appointment consisted of a series of testing. They ran a few different instruments down my back to measure heat and tightness, took a stress test with my hand placed on a sensor for several minutes, took x-rays and took a few pictures to evaluate my posture.

Lighthouse Chiropractic Care St Augustine

Chiropractic Care

Typically, a second appointment is then set to discuss the results and recommended treatment options. In reviewing my results, I learned that my neck is straight when ideally it should have a curve. I also discovered that one hip is slightly higher than the other and my spine has a slight curve and severe lower arch. We discussed what an ideal treatment plan would entail.

Lighthouse Chiropractic Care St Augustine

Next, I was introduced to the pre-treatment room which consisted of a neck stretch and lower back exercise to prep the spine for adjustment. Dr. Podraza then adjusted my neck and back. As someone who particularly hates the sound of popping joints, the adjustment was pretty easy and felt great. The treatment finished with 7 minutes on the massage table which felt like a huge roller going back and forth on my back. The room has low lighting and essential oils too which makes it really relaxing! As a mom of two, it’s the closest I’ve been to a ‘spa’ in a while. 

The Lighthouse Chiropractic Difference

What really stood out to me was the amazing passion both Dr. Cruz and Dr. Podraza have for their patients. I felt like they really took the time to teach me about spinal health, the importance of the nervous system and how it impacts every aspect of the body. They were so personable and really cared about everything I had to say to them when it came to discussing my health and treatment options.

I think their mission statement says it best: 

“We want to help people be the best version of themselves, and we know that starts with their health as the foundation. When moms are able to be their best, they’re able to come from a place of love-instead of stress- with their kids. When kids are healthy, they can learn freely, grow optimally and become healthy, smart, independent adults. To help families in our community reach these goals, we meet each person where they are and support them through chiropractic care that allows them to function their best.” 

Lighthouse Chiropractic Care St Augustine