So it’s summertime which means the kids are out of school and you are having them play outside as much as possible. They let off steam, your house stays clean-ish, and if you’re lucky, they will take a nap, or at least chill out for a bit!

Let’s Talk About Sun Safety

This plan is all well and good until those sweet faces get burnt. We all know sun safety is no joke, and neither is trying to cover a flailing toddler with white paste while he’s running towards the water. When it comes to picking a sunscreen that’s safe, quick, and won’t cost you the price of your beloved pedicure, it’s not easy. The choices are endless, as well as the debates as to what formula is best for kids.

Being a mom who has always dealt with sensitive skin and eczema, I’m a notorious label-reader which makes the sunscreen search that much more difficult. So I thought I’d share a few natural-based sunscreens that work well for my sensitive-skinned family. All of these sunscreens use natural ingredients to block the sun’s rays, as opposed to chemical blockers and can be found reasonably priced at Target.

My favorite of these three would be Honest spray. It’s on in seconds (perfect for squirmy kids who hate sunscreen) and rubs in easily. Although it’s great for the body, I prefer using a stick for the face, especially for babies who don’t always close their eyes and mouth on command. This ACURE stick is quick and glides on easy (as opposed to other brands I’ve tried). Of course, you can always go the route of making your own!

Think Natural Protection

SPF Clothing

Sunscreen isn’t the only form of protection. Don’t forget about other types of natural protection, like SPF clothing. My little guy is still obliging and will wear long sleeves and hats. Lots of brands now carry SPF clothing. Just think, that’s less skin you have to coat in sunscreen.

Keep It Shady

Try to look for shaded areas or take shade with you. Umbrellas, tents, and even some baby pools can provide portable shade.

Timing Is Everything

Choose your outdoor time wisely. The sun is less harmful during the early morning and late afternoon. So plan accordingly and set aside indoor time for that afternoon nap for your little ones or chill time for your older kids.