Yoga is making us fat. Ok, it’s actually the pants that are making us fat. Those oh-so-comfortable and super in-right-now leggings slash yoga pants that everyone loves and everyone wears, for nearly every occasion, are ruining our bodies. Before you start to throw stones or immediately click away while giving me a virtual bird finger and swearing that I must be crazy, let me explain.


Until I try on regular clothes, I don’t really feel so fat. Pretty much all the clothes I own are too small for me right now, so I am still wearing my maternity clothes and of course my yoga pants. I wear them everywhere, and because they don’t push into my fat, causing muffin top and awkward rolls in places that should not have curves the way jeans do, I feel like I look pretty good. People sometimes even tell me I look good.

The scary part is, I have become so accustomed to the fat that I have been building up and carrying over the last couple of years that sometimes I catch myself looking in the mirror and thinking I look great. After being pregnant for what feels like two years straight, even my huge, fat, protruding stomach seems small in comparison to how it was just few months ago. I don’t even remember how I looked or felt when I was my normal size 10/12.

Then, my sweet, loving, husband tells me I’m beautiful and sexy. The world tells you to love yourself the way you are. So, in an effort to improve my lack of self-confidence and practice self-acceptance, I try not to constantly stress over my weight. And I realized the other day that it is working. I am not constantly stressed over the weight that I need to lose. In fact, I think I might be a bit too relaxed about it. I have ceased to make progress toward my goals. And I blame the yoga pants!

My youngest is six months old, and the general consensus is that it takes nine months to lose the weight because it took nine months to put it on. So I have three months to lose 45 pounds. Um? I don’t see that happening. Maybe I should double that since I had two pregnancies in two years. In that case, then I have six months. That is a lot more doable but, how long can I keep wearing maternity or yoga pants everywhere?

The longer I do, the more comfortable I will be and the more likely it is that overweight will be my new normal. I believe comfort is ruining our bodies and contributing to the mass epidemic of obesity. Even if I make some progress, I will likely end up giving in and buying some clothes in a larger size because over a year’s time I will not be able to actually wear yoga pants everywhere. I don’t want to shop for new “in between” clothes because the sizes I would have to buy if I did go shopping are soul-crushing! I also don’t want to spend money on clothes that I could only need for a few months. Most of all, I am terrified that those clothes might become my new normal. Instead, yoga-pants-everywhere is my new normal, and it seems I am not alone.

How can we simultaneously love ourselves 100% and be 100% determined to change as well? What if we really need to make those changes, for our health? Is feeling good about ourselves even when we are not at our best causing us to become complacent? Do we reward small victories with big treats and end up taking one step forward and two steps back? I was doing really well. I lost 25 pounds from April 1st to May 31st while I was participating in a challenge involving some awesome new weight loss supplements. Unfortunately, since then I have only lost a couple of pounds. I do feel fitter, stronger, and more flexible than I did during all those months of pregnancy. So, I feel like I’m doing pretty well. But is good the assassin of great?

My suggestion is that we go ahead and be honest with ourselves! If we are fat or, like myself, actually obese, then don’t accept it. Accepting less than our best in the name of “self-love” is just nonsense and it is hurting us. We can still love other things about ourselves. We can love that we are honest with ourselves and that we are determined to be disciplined enough to get healthier. We can love every little healthy choice that we make each day. Every time we pass on the cookie or cocktail, we can celebrate a victory. As long as we keep having those victories, however, small they may seem today, we will soon be able to wear jeans again and truly love how we look and feel in them! So don’t give into the oh-so-comfy, yoga pant, couch potato downward spiral. Use those yoga pants for what they are intended for and get uncomfortably sweaty, try to balance on your head, run! Who knows you might just become truly comfortable in your own skin. I am working my way there little by little each day. And, for that, I love myself.

PS None of this is directed at those of you who are athletic and make excellent healthy choices already. Or those of you who are already actually wearing the yoga pants to do yoga or some other form of exercise. You look and are amazing. Keep up the good work!


  1. Right there with you! Totally found myself agreeing to all points in your article. Wonder if we could do a Moms Blog health challenge online? Could be fun! I am a contributor to Fairfield County Moms Blog!

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