There is a holiday for almost every imaginable thing; There’s a National Wiggle Your Toes Day, National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day, and National Two Different Colored Shoes Day. If you are feeling down or need something to spice up your dull routine, use one of these national or global holidays to add a little joy into your life.

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Every single day of the year has been designated to celebrate something. Even your birthday has specific foods or causes assigned to it. It’s like a birthday horoscope but it tells you the foods, causes, and companies that you might have an affinity towards. My birthday is a celebration of my very favorite dessert (baklava), homemade bread, and one of my favorite outdoor activities (hiking). For me, it’s more accurate than my actual horoscope. If you don’t appreciate the things on your actual birth date, look at the week or month for things that are more to your liking.

I’m happy to celebrate National Coffee, Donut, or Ice Cream day. We can all use a little extra joy in our lives no matter where it comes from. I like the silly excuse to indulge and another reason to support our local businesses. These holidays give us a chance to express gratitude for the little things that make life worth living and companies are happy to shamelessly promote their products.

It’s not just about consumerism. Some national days highlight causes, illnesses, or non-profits that need extra publicity. There are many important days meant to increase awareness around serious subjects that deserve attention.  Days such as World Cancer Day, Earth Day, and Giving Tuesday are incredibly popular unofficial holidays that shed light on serious subjects and make a difference in our world. Learning about a cause can build compassion, understanding, and empower progress.

How did all these unofficial holidays start? No one really knows. We only have 10 official holidays that are recognized by the federal government. Some people think it all started with Mother’s Day in 1905. A school teacher wanted to celebrate her mother who had recently died. It caught on because most of us love our mothers and like a gentle reminder to celebrate their selfless devotion. In the 1920s the card industry commercialized the holiday, but that was never what the day was supposed to be about or why we still celebrate it.

How do you get a special national holiday? You simply pick a day and tell everyone you know about it. You’ll have to cross your fingers that it catches on like National Talk Like a Pirate Day, Star Wars Day, or Galentines Day. If you want it to be listed on the national day calendar or in Chase’s Calendar of Events you will need to submit an application. If your holiday is selected from among the hundreds they receive, they will submit press releases to media outlets on your behalf. Bloggers (like me), news reporters and editors look at these calendars for fun interesting subjects to write about. Before you know it, your cause, company or product could be in the headlines and it could become a beloved holiday for all of us.

Go ahead, look up your national holiday “horoscope” to see how accurate it is for you. It’s mindless fun and might give you the perfect idea for your next birthday party or fundraiser. Every holiday started off as just a made-up day. The thing that made them legitimate was our collective decision to celebrate them. It’s the little things that make each day worthwhile. Take any opportunity you are given to grow happiness and celebrate this wonderful life we have been given.

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