It is always fun to get friends together to have a good time but sometimes it can be too much work. Here are some ideas on how to throw a horribly fun and terrifyingly easy Halloween party.

My husband and I are always busy but we think it’s important to build relationships and maintain community amongst friends and neighbors. So, when it came to figuring out our Halloween plans we immediately decided to host a party. The trick to a great party is keeping it simple and easy so it will be a treat to host when you are already wearing several hats. Also, an at-home party is a great alternative to traditional Halloween festivities when you have young children who scare easy and have early bedtimes.


For your Halloween party consider having it be a potluck style party and invite your guests to bring a dish to share. Making a large portion of an easy main dish and supplying drinks, plates, utensils, and cups will set it up for success. You can also whip up a few of these super easy Halloween treats in a short amount of time.


You cannot have a party without fun and you cannot have a Halloween party without a costume contest! A costume contest takes little to no effort from the host but gets all of the guests excited and participating in the party. Make or buy some award ribbons for different “best” costume categories that everyone can vote on to add to the fun.

Another great way to bring entertainment to your party is by having a “dinosaur hunt.” This is a game I came up with for our party and you most likely already have everything you need for it. Pull down some plastic eggs from your Easter stuff up in the attic, fill them with candy, draw some spots on the eggs with a marker, and hide them out in the yard. Then, gather all the little princesses and superheroes together and let them go crazy finding the dinosaur eggs. It will be a sure hit!

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with yard games like corn hole, horseshoe, and darts to add fun to your party.


This is where it is easy to get out of hand and spend too much money. Try and keep decorations simple. Once your guests arrive, their costumes will help create the atmosphere so going overboard on decorations is not necessary. For our Halloween party, we cut “bats” out of black paper and hung them around the party area. Getting a few bags of fake spider webs makes for easy decorations as well.

I hope that you have opportunities this time of year to build community and this post encourages you to create some opportunities of your own. Let us know in the comments if you have any other tips to make throwing a Halloween party scary easy.