mothers day

Ah, Mother’s Day. That magical day of the year when mothers across the country do … exactly what they do the other 364 days the year. Let’s face it, whether or not there is a day in our honor, we are still moms and the responsibilities that go along with the role never go away. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a little celebration on our “special day.” After all, we work hard and we deserve a moment to shine. Now, how we celebrate Mother’s Day is just as unique as each one of you. So, what is your Mother’s Day Love Language??

mothers day love language

Just Another Sunday

In your eyes, Mother’s Day is just another Sunday. You’re not interested in making plans, going out or otherwise making a big to-do. Motherhood is its own reward, and while you would love a bouquet handpicked from the bushes in the yard, and it would be nice to not have to take out the garbage today, you’re not too concerned about it. You’ll treat this day like any other and expect your family members to do the same.

Pay It Forward

Of course, you love the attention that comes on the second Sunday in May, but on this Mother’s Day, you want to share that love by being there for someone else. Maybe it’s your own mom or mother-in-law. Maybe it’s a new mom who needs an extra hand or an elderly neighbor who doesn’t get many visitors. You’re going to be there, with or without the rest of the family, for coffee, conversation and maybe even a casserole. Spreading positive vibes is what’s going to make your day perfect.

Queen For A Day

The truth is, you spend every day spoiling your people: cutting crusts off sandwiches, braiding complicated hairstyles, watching endless episodes of Paw Patrol and generally being at their beck and call. On Mother’s Day, it’s your turn. You want to sleep in, enjoy breakfast in bed and binge on Netflix. You emphatically do not want to do laundry, mediate arguments or cook dinner. You’re not asking for a lot, but it would be nice to be able to get some extra Zs and catch up on your queue without interruption.

All About That Bling

Gifts are your love language and you are down for a sparkly conversation. Sure, it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving, but don’t need another necklace made of macaroni or piece of fingerprint art. You treasure those gifts when your children bring them to you, but on Mother’s Day, you want to open a box with something shiny inside. After all, diamonds are a girls’ best friend, aren’t they?

Not My Circus

You are out the door the second you first hear the rustlings from your children’s’ bedrooms. This is your one day to have some time to yourself and you’re not missing out on it. While dad handles the household, you treat yourself to a massage, a leisurely shopping spree (window shopping counts), or even coffee over a thick volume at the local book store. You’ll be home in time for pizza and a movie (your choice) with the family but a few hours of solitude is just what you need to help be the best mom you can be.

So, what’s your Mother’s Day Love Language? How do you plan to celebrate this year? And in case you missed it, here’s a little thank you for being a fabulous mom. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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Jennifer was born and raised in New Jersey, moving to the Sunshine State to attend Miami (Go Canes!). After graduation, she began a decade-long career in Sports & Event Management in South Florida, but moved to St. Augustine to become a SAHM when she and her husband, Keith, were expecting their son. She and Keith are enjoying the crazy and rewarding adventure of parenthood with their middle-school-aged son, a grumble of pugs and a hedgehog. Jennifer holds leadership roles with both the PTA and BSA and believes in the power of community involvement and volunteerism. The family can be found traveling (both locally and worldwide), trying new restaurants, and toeing the start line of road races, near and far. Jennifer owns the blog Runs With Pugs and is a freelance writer and social media consultant.