If you love to decorate your home for the season, perhaps you’ve been pouring over sites like Anthropologie, Pottery Barn or West Elm for inspiration. While I love those stores, I don’t always love spending a fortune on items that spend most of the year in storage. So I challenged myself to try and create (or recreate) some budget-friendly yet trendy fall decor. and where better to find inexpensive items than at Dollar Tree, where everything’s a dollar! Most of these items were purchased at the huge Dollar Tree location at 1938 US-1 South, St. Augustine.

Mini Succulent Pumpkins

fall decor

For this DIY I was inspired by these decorative succulent pumpkins on Pottery Barn’s website. They are just darling, but for $59 a pop, mama ain’t no fool! So I headed to my local Dollar Tree and picked up some similar white pumpkins in their floral/seasonal section, which had some rather sad looking leaves and berries glued to the top.

For this project I used:

  • 2 mini Dollar Tree pumpkins
  • 4 Dollar Tree mini potted succulents
  • a hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • orange and white paints

I removed the existing foliage on top of the Dollar Tree pumpkins. I then mixed my white paint with the teeniest bit of orange until I had the shade I liked. I achieved a similar rustic look to the Pottery Barn pumpkins by not fully mixing the paint together, so that each brushstroke had different elements of white or orange. You could also go back over with more white paint to get this look. Once the paint was dried I removed each of the succulents from their pots (I saved the little pots for a future project). Then I cut off the stems, so I was left with just the tops and simply hot glued two or three succulents onto each of my pumpkins. That was it, a $59 Pottery Barn Dupe for under $3 apiece.

Beachy Paint-Drip Pumpkins

Fall decor

This next option was not particularly inspired by anything I’d seen before, but I wanted to create something a little less typical, and a little more in-keeping with my coastal themed home. These pumpkins still give an element of fall while acknowledging that it’s really summer all year here in Florida!

For this project I used:

  • 3 ceramic Dollar Tree pumpkins
  • gold paint pen from Dollar Tree
  • white paint
  • blue paint
  • gold paint

I painted over the existing black and white with a layer of one step furniture paint in white that I had on hand. This Amy Howard furniture paint is my favorite and I use it for almost everything. Once the white paint had fully dried, I picked a blue shade from a million that I had on hand. Use whichever shade you feel will match your decor. The one I chose was this Folk Art Metallic in Blue Sapphire. Try and pick a darker shade than you want it to end up as you are going to water the paint down. I put my paint in a cup and then mixed in 4 teaspoons of water until it was thin enough to pour. I set a bowl down in the sink to catch the paint and then simply held each pumpkin over the bowl as I poured the paint over it. I began pouring from the center of the pumpkin so the paint would drip down in a uniform fashion. Set the pumpkins on a newspaper or a paper plate to fully dry. After all the blue paint had dried I finished the look by painting a gold stalk on each pumpkin using Folk Art Paint in Starlight Gold. Total cost $3.00.

Lighted Garland

fall decor

This next project was incredibly easy! When I saw this set of Autumn Leaf String Lights on Pottery Barn’s Website, I knew I could recreate it for a fraction of the price. Dollar Tree sells garlands that are almost identical, minus the actual lights. They also, conveniently sell battery operated string lights.

For this project I used:

Essentially all you need to do is combine a couple of packs of the string lights with a garland, but I wanted to make mine even fancier than the Pottery Barn one, so I also picked up a pack of Dollar Tree’s individual decorative leaves in the fall decor section to “spruce things up a bit” pardon the pun! I took approximately 10 leaves from the pack outside and spray painted them gold on both sides with the Krylon Colormaster Metallic in Brilliant Gold. Once they were dry I simply hot glued them onto the “stem” part of the garland at various intervals. Displayed on the mantle, this gives an instant cozy feel, even if it’s still in the nineties outside! Total cost $4.00.

Farmhouse-Style Wooden Pumpkin Sign

DIY fall Decor

This last project was inspired by the “Farmhouse Style” Joanna Gaines has made enormously popular! This project was so easy it requires absolutely zero craftiness! I found this “Farm Fresh” sign at Dollar Tree as well as these wall decals, which are fantastic for crafting if you don’t want to have to stencil or hand-letter your projects. You may have better luck than I did and find one with more “fall-appropriate” wording, but I thought “joyful” was appropriate as it ties in with being thankful, plus “joy” is my word of the year, so I was happy to create something to display at home with my word of choice. If you’re comfortable with stenciling, hand lettering or have a Cricut machine, you can create whatever phrase you’d like.

For this project I used:

I flipped over the pumpkin sign to use the unpainted side. I didn’t want to hang my sign so I discarded the string, but if you do want to hang yours just reverse the string through the holes so the knots are at the back. I then gave it one good coat of the Amy Howard At Home One Step Paint in Ballet White all over. Once the paint is fully dry peel off the wall art sticker and simply stick it down flat in the center of the pumpkin. I decided to re-purpose the green metal leaf on the front of the Dollar Tree pumpkin, rather than removing it. It’s attached with pliable metal, so I just gently bent it over to the other side of my pumpkin and then re-painted it with the gold paint. To finish off the sign and give it more of a farmhouse feel I tied a lace ribbon, I had on hand around the pumpkin stalk. If you have ribbon in black and white checkered print or burlap that would be even better. Total cost $2.00.

These four easy Fall crafts that cost next to nothing. Now take all that money you just saved and treat your family to a weekend getaway somewhere where the leaves change colors! I hope this inspires you to get crafty this season! 

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Eve was born and raised in Lancashire, England. She fell in love with Florida during her first Disney vacation at 8 years old and finally made the move across the pond to beautiful St. Augustine at age 16. She attended Lynchburg College in Virginia and graduated with a degree in psychology, before moving back to Florida for law school. She and her husband were married in a fairytale castle in Las Vegas and now have a sweet and sassy 4-year-old girl, Eden, a baby boy, Holden, born in June 2020, and a fluffy little pup named Angie. Eve is a full-time attorney practicing in estate planning, probate administration, trust administration, and probate and trust litigation. She also has a serious Pinterest addiction and loves a good DIY or home décor project. Eve is a self-proclaimed mer-mom and can usually be found spending time with her family at the beach, pool, splash pad, and on many playdates.