Raise your hand if cookies are your love language. I mean come on, even Santa loves cookies. If you are like me, then you will be thrilled to learn that December 4th is National Cookie Day. Thinking about it has me drooling over chocolate chips, sprinkles, and a big glass of milk to go with it. You can literally make a cookie into anything you like. Cookies are especially popular during the Holidays, where people incorporate them as gifts, neighborhood treats, or by holding a cookie exchange. You see them pop up at school functions, birthday parties, and churches. Cookies are the go-to dessert treat.

History of America’s favorite cookie

The chocolate chip cookie is one of America’s favorite and most popular cookies. The first chocolate chip cookie was invented in 1937 by Ruth Graves Wakefield, who ran the Toll House Restaurant – a place that stagecoach passengers ate meals while horses were changed and a toll was taken for use of the highway between Boston and New Bedford. Ruth accidentally came upon the idea of the chocolate chip cookie creation when baking another type of cookie. She took Bakers chocolate and cut it into pieces assuming it would melt and spread throughout the cookie, instead, to her surprise the shape stayed formed and did not spread like she thought it would. She then called it the Toll House Crunch Cookie. The cookie became very popular, even making newspaper headlines. The cookie then became known even more when Betty Crocker showcased it on her radio series “Famous Foods from Famous Eating Places.” After that, the cookie took off and was eventually sold to Nestle company.

What’s cooking America has history on almost every cookie imaginable!

Absolute Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Did you know? 

  • People prefer homemade cookies compared to store-bought cookies
  • 35% of people say they eat cookies 3-4 times a week
  • Americans consume over two billion cookies a year
  • The word cookie originally came from the Dutch keokje (little cake)

Although chocolate chip cookies are yummy, I love getting to bake all different kinds of them during the Christmas season. Peanut butter kiss, almond cookies, sugar cookies with frosting, chocolate crinkle cookies, and snowballs and some of my favorites. I’m drooling over my keyboard thinking about them as I type this. So, take National Cookie Day seriously. Bake…or buy your favorite cookies and indulge. I know I plan on indulging with all of my favorites that day!

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