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I attended my first vision board party several years ago and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Some girlfriends threw it a few weeks after I had gone through the gut-wrenching conversation of asking for a divorce. I hadn’t yet had the time to process all of my emotions or what exactly it was I wanted out of my ‘new’ life–but putting together a vision board absolutely started steering me in a positive direction. Every year, my vision board has taken a new turn and my life has followed suit.

vision board

What is a Vision Board? 

A vision board is a collage of images and words pasted onto a board that represents how you envision your life. In my experience, this collage simply creates itself organically without much planning or thought ahead of time. Clip out words or images that jump out at you from magazines. If a magazine article headline says “Get Beach Body Ready,” perhaps the word that jumps out at you is “BEACH!” or perhaps the word that entrances you is just the word “READY.” 

I was amazed at the conversation that flowed over wine and scissors while attending my first vision board party. You start to notice the woman next to you is clipping out anything wedding related. And the one across the table is focused on palm trees and turquoise waters. The one at the end of the table is avidly clipping words like “Entrepreneurship” and “Woman Power.” It’s not long before we all start recognizing themes resonating with ourselves and with one another. When I come across a headline that says “Quit Your Job,” I cut it out and slide it across the table with a wink to the woman who is obviously yearning to start her own business. When I see a baby bottle ad, I tear out that page and pass it along to the woman who apparently has baby-fever. 

Why Create a Vision Board

What’s so different from this than making a New Year’s Resolution or setting a goal? 

A resolution is often something such as: “I’m going to lose weight.” They often look like goals, too, such as “I’m going to lose 50 pounds.” Often, these goals are too lofty, not embedded with an existing habit or ritual, lack clarity in their purpose, and are set up for failure. 

What we are really trying to achieve with a vision board is a clear vision of what you want your life to look like. So when you are clipping through magazines and realize you have little stacks of paper of women rock climbing, snowboarding, surfing, and jogging through the woods…you are creating a vision of fitness and health in your life. You don’t simply want to lose 50 pounds–you want to experience the world around you and live life to the max! The vision doesn’t get caught in the minutia of how you will eventually get there. You have a clear vision of what it is you want, so go chase it and make that vision happen!  

vision board

You can certainly create a vision board on your own, but I have found that an intimate party setting with about a half-dozen women is the perfect place to really delve deeper into your vision. Since that first party, I’ve since thrown a Vision Board Party every year afterward. Here are a few tips!

Send an Invitation

I simply set up a private Facebook Event page to invite my handful of friends over. The invite should cover the “What” & “Why” in the description and list out the “What to Bring” items.

Ideally, hold the party about 3-4 weeks after New Year’s Day is ideal. At this point, people have usually thought of goals and resolutions. Many of those resolutions are already faltering, but the yearning and motivation for something better is still there. 

Tip: I recommend not having mobile kids at this party. This is a very heart-to-heart kind of party. If you’re chasing after toddlers, you’ll be constantly interrupted from the “flow.” Plus, they’ll be ripping your tiny words and pictures up, snatching at the sharp scissors and ruffling up your neat little piles. I recommend you let your mom-friends know in the invitation that this is a mobile-baby-free party. 

What to Bring

In your invitation, ask your guests to each bring scissors, glue, a stack of magazines, a bottle of wine, a snack to share and a poster board.

Tip 1: If you only have fashion magazines, you won’t be able to achieve full visions. It’s best to have a variety of magazines. Raid the free magazines at the entrance of grocery stores and coffee shops.

Tip 2: I often announce to my friends when I’m going to the store to pick up a poster board and offer to grab one for them, too. Sometimes, the thing keeping folks from attending is simply not finding time to grab a poster board. Make it easy for your guests, or maybe even supply them for everyone who RSVPs.

vision board

Creating Your Collage

Now that everyone has clipped out the words and images that have jumped out at them, start gluing! Some women neatly stack their images into categories and then paste them in groupings that go together. Other women somehow manage to make their clippings into a beautiful art piece. Some women (like myself) make a true collage and just paste images and text randomly until every piece of white space is filled up. There’s no wrong or right way. It’s your vision. 

Sharing Time

When everyone’s done, go around the room and let everyone share their masterpiece. Point out your favorite pieces and discuss the larger themes that you discovered along the way. 

Hang your Vision Board up somewhere in your house where you’ll see it all year long (even inside your closet door will do), and continue to reflect on those images and words. 

Enjoy The Magic

Want to know something crazy? The vision board (at least for me and all of my girlfriends) always comes true. 

While it’s fun to think of it in a supernatural way, it’s really just you owning your vision and creating a life exactly how you picture it becoming. 

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