Vision Casting for the New Year



I am a self-proclaimed vision boarding nerd! In the days following Christmas, I love to sit down in a quiet place with a fresh planner, notebook, colorful pens, posters, magazines, glue, and scissors. These are all the tools that I use to plan out the upcoming year and vision cast. I am pretty religious about it too! My goal at the end of each year is to have my vision casting completed prior to the first of January. This helps me begin the new year full of hope. This is what vision casting is all about — hope!

Preparing the Vision

My first stop is to brainstorm. I write down all of my heart’s desires — from my wildest dreams to professional aspirations. Next, I work to narrow these desires down in order of importance and where I’d like to focus my energy over the next year. Once I have my focus, I begin working on my word for the year.  This is a practice that I have done for several years now. I love this part of the process so much! Most times, the word or a related word becomes very clear in my quiet time. The resulting word is developed after a process of diving deep into word meanings and becomes my clearest point to focus on. The final step in preparing for the new year is creating a vision board.

Creating the Vision

I love to pull my children and really anyone who wants to join in on vision board making and call it a party! It’s very therapeutic for me to spend a few hours developing a board that is reflective of my hopes and dreams for the new year as well as my personality. Doing this for some time now, I can tell you that not everything comes to fruition in the year that it is added to a vision board. Some dreams have been included on my vision board for years and I’m still hoping to see through. It’s important though, to continue to add even long-term desires because we move in the direction of our thoughts, and when something means a lot to you, you keep going after it.

The vision board becomes my guide throughout the year. I keep it very close to me, in a place that I will see it daily. This is important to do because as the world turns, you want to be able to refer back to your vision board to see how far you’ve come, what needs to be worked on, and the things you’re okay letting go of or moving to the next year. It also serves as a point of gratitude. As I have reflected upon my vision for this year, I have been able to give thanks for the dreams that I have accomplished and for those that I am much closer to at this point than I was a year ago.

If you are a seasoned vision board creator, enjoy your upcoming season! If you are reading this and thinking that vision casting sounds like something you would be interested in, I’d say give it a shot. It’s nothing like creating resolutions, it’s more about moving towards the life that you want to live. So grab your materials and get your hopes and dreams for 2021 out of your head and onto that board!

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