Family Traditions

Family Traditions

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and that kind of “made up holiday” is perfect for starting new family traditions. We designated March 17th as our rescue dog’s birthday and have a party for her every year.

Since there are no real obligations and you probably don’t feel attached to traditions that have been handed down for generations, “holidays” like St. Patricks day or National Doughnut Day or National Margarita Day (I swear ever single day is some national “holiday” or three) give you ample opportunity to start new traditions. So many opportunities that it can be seriously overwhelming, not to mention very fattening!

On second thought, maybe you don’t want any new traditions after all? Traditions are serious pressure! Honestly, I have a very hard time remembering everyone’s birthdays and anniversaries, let alone detailed activities that have to be done every single year. What happens if I forget the four leaf clover on the pillow or the green “pee” in the toilet? Will my kids be devastated? Will I ruin all the other traditions by failing at one of them? What if other kids have different traditions than mine do and they talk about it at school? It is hard enough as it is to explain why some kids don’t get Santa!

But, those are the things that cherished childhood memories are made of, right?

Yes, yes they are. They are the conversations my children will have about me after I die.

I feel the need to leave them with as many wonderful nostalgic opportunities as possible. Life can be hard. Great memories are like treasures one can hold onto forever; treasures that can pull someone out of depression and remind them of how loved they really are. So what is an overwhelmed mommy to do? Pinterest can help if you find that fun but, it has a way of making us un-crafty folk feel very inadequate.

I would like to propose an idea?

How about the tradition of trying something new? The “try new things tradition” is a great exercise in creativity which breeds confident adults.

Here is how it works::

Every year or month {you decide} each family member gets to pick a random “holiday” out of a hat. They then get to pick what the celebration will be for that day. You can choose how many options get entered into the hat in the first place. You can just pick the more well-known ones like Memorial Day and Cinco de Mayo or really random ones like National Day of Kindness. It could be incredibly entertaining to see what your five-year-old comes up with for “National Old Stuff Day” on March 2nd.

Who knows? You may end up with a few very personal and cherished traditions quite organically. I look forward to seeing what my family comes up with and would love to see what yours does also!

For ideas or to register your very own holiday (March 26th is actually “Make Up Your Own Holiday Day”) visit . Use the hashtag #celebrateeveryday to see what others are coming up with and to share your family’s fun ideas. Don’t forget to tag St. Augustine’s Moms Blog too!SaveSave