Leaves falling on the ground, football, apple pie baking, PSL, and Hocus Pocus continuously playing on my tv — all signs that fall is in the air! The first day of fall might not officially be until September 22nd, but in my house, it starts on September 1st!

This is my absolute favorite time of the year (other than my birthday). I love everything that comes with fall. Moving from Pennsylvania, I gave up some of the best fall traditions and have had to learn to love a new type of fall. We had the most beautiful mountains that would turn the perfect shades of fall. The temperatures would cool off and oversize sweaters would be the new fashion. We would go apple picking at the cutest little farm, and then take a hayride out to a pumpkin patch and pick our own pumpkins still on the vine. I miss all that Pennsylvania has to offer for fall but I’m learning to love a new fall that St Augustine has to offer.

The temperature here will eventually start to cool off and when it does this is the perfect time to visit San Sebastian winery for a date night or with your girlfriends. My family and I are big fans of visiting pumpkin patches, farms, and corn mazes — it’s a family tradition for us. While nothing compares to Pumpkin patches in Pennsylvania, Sykes Farm comes very close! We especially love to go when the sunflowers are in bloom it is so breathtaking.

Learning to Love a Florida Fall

Something about the air in September says fall, even in the warmth of Florida. Fall themed coffee drinks start making an appearance at coffee shops, along with pumpkin-flavored treats to go with it. We have some of the cutest little coffee shops in St Augustine that you can enjoy. Personally I am one of those girls that love pumpkin spice lattes so point me in that direction, please!

Learning to Love a Florida Fall

One of my favorite things to do as a child was to rake up all the fallen leaves on the ground, jump in the big pile of raked leaves, and then rake them up again and put them in an orange garbage bag shaped like a pumpkin. We don’t get the falling leaves in St Augustine, at least not enough to rake up so I always try to do some fun crafts related to fall!

I’m no special cook, but fall vegetables are always so fun to cook with! Summer is all about the BBQs and grilling while fall offers a wide variety of richer foods and lots of comfort foods! Soups, soups, and more soups! One of my favorite fall soups is lasagna soup! Think lasagna, but in soup form. It’s probably the only time throughout the whole year that my kids actually enjoy dinner without any type of argument about what I cooked for dinner.

So although fall looks different in Florida, if you’re from the north you completely understand — it’s still beautiful here. The temperatures will cool off eventually. Maybe not as quickly as you are used to, and you won’t have the sound of crunching leaves under your feet but look on the bright side — no raking of leaves! Our little historic town still has so many fall-inspired things that you can enjoy!

It will be different than you may be used to, but take it all in (maybe even from the beach) and enjoy it!