St Aug Moms Blog Spring Break

We made a bucket list for Spring Break.

It all started when I marked the calendar with the kids’ days off… and started hyperventilating. All the weeks around Spring Break are filled!! Literally every single day has something planned- from practices and project deadlines to SAT prep for our high schooler. I know life is busy with seven children but come on!! This level of busyness is out of control.

I couldn’t even think about traveling for Spring Break. We’ve had vacations in the past that left us all exhausted… mamma ain’t doin’ that this year! We’re taking our Spring Break back!

I do want Spring Break to be awesome for the kiddos and awesome for me…. awesome for me right now is a week of PJ days punctuated by a massage and a pedicure but the kids wouldn’t sign off on that. So we met in the middle.

Our solution? A staycation bucket list.

I pulled out my old list of free attractions for St. Augustine locals and picked one stop my little ones would enjoy:

The Oldest House Museum Complex 
Cost: Free for St. Johns County Residents
Why I picked it: The Oldest House Museum is nestled under sprawling oaks and is just a block off the river- there are often cooling breezes blowing through the courtyard. The homes themselves may be too museum-y for little ones, but the small lawn is lush and is a perfect place for a morning snack. I love introducing my kids to arts & architecture bit by bit. The Oldest House Complex offers a few nibbles of the arts with room to run between.

photo credit: St Augustine Historical Society

Next, we brainstormed things that both of us would enjoy. They wanted playgrounds and water play; I wanted to explore something new. We settled on some spots we’ll both love:

The Wednesday Beaches Market
Cost: Free to browse, free to splash, bring cash to shop.
Why I picked it: 
We can arrive early and shop the farmers market first with the promise of the splash park and beachside playground as soon as mamma buys veggies for dinner. I’ll let the kids pick a veggie they’ve never tried and something to munch on for an easy lunch. If we still want to explore after the splash park, we can take a walk on the beach.

wednesday market
photo cred:

Cost: Free
Why I picked it: We always drive by on the way to the parking garage, but we never make time to stop and play. There is only one entrance so the kids can explore and play without me worrying. I plan to bring a cup of coffee and to pack a picnic lunch to eat at the sheltered picnic tables after they play.

photo cred:

Finally, we rounded out our week’s plans with a few ideas for home:

  • Stock a “snack station” that kids can visit at will to make this staycation special- we give out tickets from the Dollar Tree to redeem at the snack bar. It helps the littles stretch out the sweet treats.
  • Pick up a challenging puzzle and work on it together all week long.
  • Dust off all those board games you never get to and play them during the hot afternoons!
  • Relive childhood faves like slip-n-sliding in the backyard and stargazing after dark

I’ve started picking up snacks and can’t wait to spend a week with the 7 little people I love most! With a bit of planning, you can have the best Spring Break yet without leaving town. What do you plan to do this Spring Break?