Guide to Trick-or-Treating In & Around St. Augustine


Trick-or-TreatingAhhh. It’s the spookiest time of the year here in St. Augustine! Get ready for Halloween sweets and treats with tips for a safe night of trick-or-treating and our list of special events to go trick or treating in and around St. Augustine.

Halloween Treats

Are you planning on handing out treats this year? With social distancing a must this year, consider sitting at the end of your driveway to minimize the number of kids gathering on your front porch. Consider having a non-edible treat on hand for those kids with allergies. We like to put those treats in a teal pumpkin so kids with allergies know where to look. You may also want to consider heading over to the Dollar Store to pick a grabber or tongs to reduce touching/contact.

Just a few reminders for enjoying this holiday safely:

  1. Lights on = go for it! Lights off = keep walking!
  2. Head out to trick-or-treat in a group – especially when younger kids are involved. It is much easier to be seen by drivers when traveling in a pack. Just be sure to maintain social distancing!
  3. Light it up! We always grab a few glow sticks and cheap flashlights from the Dollar Store to have on hand when we head out – especially if we are wearing darker clothing. We also like to add a few glow sticks to our stroller/wagon!
  4. Don’t eat ANY candy before inspecting it at home in a well-lit room. Be sure to throw away candy that is partially opened immediately. We always try to have a small bag of snacks and bottles of water (especially if it’s hot out) so our kids aren’t asking to eat their candy the whole time.

Have Fun!

Be sure to check event websites for updates on COVID precautions to ensure a safe and fun Halloween for all!

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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    • Traditionally, St.Augustine trick or treats on Halloween. So far, there are no plans to change it to the weekend.

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