Celebrating Valentines Day after you are married … especially once you throw kids into the mix can seem more like a chore than an actual day of love. Everyone’s expectations for this special day are different. Some people are happy with a card or an extra “I love you”, others simply just want to enjoy a night away from the kids with just significant other. Some people bash the whole idea of Valentine’s day saying it’s just another holiday to force people to buy things or that you should be showing your significant other love every day… not just Valentine’s Day. While I do understand those ideas and thoughts, I also love the idea of Valentine’s day and I think it’s a perfect day to remind yourself why you are with the love of your life.

Celebrating Valentine's Day

It’s so easy to get caught up in the chaos of our busy days and forget how to love your significant other unconditionally. As moms, we fill our schedules with meetings, sports, volunteering and making sure our kids always have something to do. This can have a steep impact on our love life whether we are someone who is dating or married. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to remind us why we are with the person we are with and what drew you with that person. It may not seem possible to even celebrate if you have a schedule like me. I have really had to learn how to celebrate my husband during this day because fancy dinners just are not in the books for us at this time in our lives. 

Decide How You are Going to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

When planning how you are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day you need to do what works with your family. Do you want to include your children in the celebration, or do you want it to be more intimate with your significant other? Some QT time with your love might be exactly what you need, especially if you are in the midst of raising children together. Want to include your children in the celebration? Head out to a “fancy” dinner at a kid-friendly restaurant. Sometimes celebrating Valentine’s Day after kids means cooking at home and having a movie night, or ordering pizza after the kids go to bed. I love charcuterie boards and think they are the perfect addition to stay at home date nights! 

Celebrating Valentine's Day

Going Out or Staying In?

I’m a big fan of date nights and feel they add so much value to a relationship. I’ll be the first one to offer to watch someone’s kids so they can have a date night, but I also realize that I lack the same effort with dating my husband. We live busy lives between volunteering, work obligations, and both our boys playing football. We have really had to learn how to take time to show each other love by having date nights at home after the kids go to sleep. This idea is perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day as well. DateBox was designed just for this type of date! 

If you want to head out and choose to hire a babysitter you have more flexibility with where you go. St. Augustine offers so many incredible uncommon Valentine’s Day places to go as well as restaurants. You could also decide to make a day date if you aren’t night owls. 

This year I will be chaperoning my oldest son’s seventh-grade field trip to Disney. I have been telling him how excited he should be that he gets to spend Valentine’s Day with his mom, but I don’t think he’s old enough to appreciate it, HA!  My husband and I will celebrate Valentine’s Day much more differently than I would like this year, but we both decided we will plan a date night out of the weekend and have a do-over of the special day. Sometimes you have to work with what you have and this is one of those times for us. But to me, it’s so important to appreciate this “commercial” holiday because it encourages me to step back and remember how much I love him and why.