Just a few short months ago I joked about the minuscule risk posed by coronavirus to the average American. My, my, my how times have changed. We are now, obviously, dealing with a monstrosity that couldn’t have been predicted. Some parts of our country are experiencing desperate and horrific times. Some of us are not quite there yet, just waiting for our turns. There is no doubt that COVID-19 will go down in history as one of the most catastrophic events our country (and the world) has ever experienced, both in terms of lives lost and also because of the impact on the economy. This cannot be understated. But yet. There have been some amazing things that have stemmed from this terrible situation.

Spending Time Together at Home

I don’t know about y’all but this one has been huge for my family. Our “normal” lives consist of kids at school during the day followed by sports practice almost every night of the week. We are a family for whom the concession stand is our dinner table. We are always racing to get somewhere and I thought I really loved the go go go of it all. Turns out I like slowing down also. When my kids were young and I had the luxury of being a stay at home mom I joked that I was the worst at actually staying home. Every day of the week I scheduled either a playdate or storytime at the library or a lunch date at “Chick-a Lay.” I very much enjoy being out of the house and socializing and that became the routine for my family. I am amazed at how well we’ve adjusted to being home so much so far. An evening golf cart cruise around the neighborhood with friendly waves from strangers has been enough to satisfy our social needs in this crazy time.

Sense of Community

We are all in this together. I loooveeee the feelgood vibes of everyone coming together. Well, not physically but spiritually. I mean, maybe early on some of us were not yet feeling this friendly vibe and bought allll of the sanitizer/peroxide/bacon ranch pizza/bleach/toilet paper/taquitos/water (?!) but I feel things have settled since then and it is now Team America. We are watching out for each other. Sidenote, why couldn’t I have been born into the Purell family??? Life is not fair. I digress. At Walmart I feel a sense of cohesive togetherness when I walk by fellow shoppers on the hunt for the elusive items we thought we’d never run out of (while minding social distancing, obvi). Another sidenote – how crazy is it that prob less than 10 people in this world had ever verbalized the words “social distancing” before this and now we all sling the lingo like it’s our native tongue? Once again, I digress.

Homeschool is cool

Homeschool is Cool!

Hear me out, y’all. *My* version of homeschooling is cool. We started district-wide homeschooling this week and my husband is handling the assignments for my younger boys. My daughter is a perfectionist straight-A honor student and needless to say she’s handling her own schooling. So my involvement in the mandatory stuff is minimal. What I have begun to do with the kids instead is teach them how to open and run a business. See, prior to the Rona, my boys were driving me crazy with daily lemonade stands. It was cute until they thought it was their actual job and literally wanted to do it every single day. Then they started making smoothies which were actually really good. Long story short, we were already planning to start a summer smoothie business for them, I was just planning to do all of the legwork. Well, now they’re home so they get to help. They will be learning everything from incorporation to licensing to branding and I will even teach them the power of the almighty Google review. Today they are researching “requirements to open a mobile food business in Florida.” Stay tuned for a future blog post on this learning experience!

Thinking Positive

I realize we still have (at least) one more month of lockdown. Everything seems to change on a daily basis. Where we are in North Florida things haven’t gotten terribly bad. Yet. If/when they do I want to look back on the last few weeks of positive changes I’ve witnessed and hope that they stick around once the dust settles. Hang in there everyone. Turn off the TV (‘cept Tiger King, duh) and take a deep breath. We will be OK.

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Kristy was born in Key West and spent her childhood moving all over the east coast courtesy of her Naval officer Mom, Maggi. Kristy lived in Jacksonville from high school until 2018 when she relocated to St. Augustine. A few years after graduating from college she met her husband Craig, affectionately known as many variations of Crugger. They married in 2005 and had daughter Madeline in 2006, son Baylor in 2009 and son Connor in 2012. A non-dog-lover, she is OBSESSED with the family Goldendoodle, Motley. She thinks glitter is the devil but loves everything DIY and has paint under her fingernails more often than not. Kristy and Craig enjoy an entrepreneurial spirit and run several small businesses, including her camper flipping side hustle, Sassy Campers. If she's not working you are sure to find her at a football/ baseball/ soccer field. She is excited to explore her new city!