I should start this off by saying, I am not a big reader. I have never been a huge reader but I do love to listen to a podcast from time to time. I will listen to people talk all day long because it fits into my life better than reading a book. I would love to tell you that I take long bubble baths at night with a glass of wine and read a book or that I spend my time sitting in the car waiting for my child not just sucking up my phones data but by reading a good book, but I don’t. I do however listen to a podcast while I drive or workout. After seeing several social media post and my sister in law suggested that I read this new life changing book I decided to give my first audiobook a try. Let me just tell you ladies one thing that is the absolute truth. Girl, you need to read this book.


Girl, Wash Your Face 

If you know who Rachel Hollis is then I don’t need to tell you this. If you don’t, well I can tell you that I didn’t either until recently. In her podcast, Rise, she describes herself as a girl who has built a multi-million dollar media company with a high school diploma and a google search bar. Pretty amazing right? Now I suggest you go peep her Instagram (msrachelhollis) to REALLY see what she has done. When I first looked her up I instantly went to her lifestyle website, The Chic Site. The “About Me” section mentions loving vodka and La Croix and I knew in that instant this might be the lady of wisdom for me. She is a #1 New York Times bestseller, podcast host, motivational speaker, founder of The Chic Site and the Hollis Company and most importantly she is a working mom of four who chased her dreams and is NOT perfect. If you have not thought by now, wow this lady is really a huge cheerleader for someone she doesn’t even know, then I am doing this wrong. 


What Is All The Hype?

In this book, she talks about moms drinking too much and feeling less than in the presence of other mothers. She talks about comparing yourself to ridiculous ideas, constantly forgetting things and the forever juggling act of life. She talks about sex. Yes, she really goes there. I didn’t even know I needed to hear what she had to say but I found myself finishing this audiobook and starting it again. I didn’t know what I was listening to before it hit me and I needed to soak it all in. 

She talks about being a new mom, a veteran mom, and even a foster mom. Her experiences in life are exceptional and all through her struggles, she explains the real pain that life brings. And did I mention she talks about these crazy ideas of perfection? Things that are impossible to achieve but yet we have lied to ourselves and believed the media we consume that makes us believe we are doing it all wrong. She talks about the things we AREN’T talking about but should

The Lie and What Helped

Each chapter begins with the lie that we tell ourselves. Then she ends each chapter with what has helped her. What an absolutely genius way to get through to women. Did I even know that I was believing lies about my life that aren’t true? Lies that I have put in place by my own fears of life. I did not. I bet you didn’t either. 

The truth is, I have been struggling. I honestly didn’t know I was going there with this post but here I am, being vulnerable beyond my comfort zone. I have been struggling with this idea of being a perfect mom and a perfect wife. Of chasing this dream I have that I am so paralyzed by the idea of failing at that I am hardly chasing it at all. Beating myself up mentally on a daily basis when I don’t do everything I think I should achieve in a day. When I think about all of the people who are doing it all and I am not. Not only have I been struggling with this but I refuse to say it out loud. Why do we feel like we can’t just say, hey, this is hard and I am having such a hard time even if it doesn’t look like it? 

One of my favorite lines from Girl, Wash Your Face was, “Know this one great truth: you are in control of your own life. You get one and only one chance to live, and life is passing you by. Stop beating yourself up, and dang it, stop letting others do it too.” 

Here’s The Truth

Guess what mamas? The truth in this book is more than you can imagine. I have never in my life imagined myself as someone who needs motivation. Someone who could benefit from someone else’s words. Here’s the truth, I did and I will time and time again. We do not have all of the answers. We all lose our way and feel so overwhelmed that it’s hard to imagine how to get to tomorrow without falling apart. We also all feel on top of the world as moms and boss babes just to realize we forgot our child’s lunch money. If you have ever thought to yourself, I am not good enough or this is hard then you need the words in this book.


We need to stop comparing ourselves to others. Trying to achieve things that are just impossible. Whether you know that or not, we all need to hear it from time to time. In the book, she says the quote above. It hit home. I don’t know about you but I plan on being a pretty great mom. I’ll love my kids fiercely and care for them. I hope to always be better than I was yesterday and I will fail again another day. Most importantly, I’m going to work on being okay with that from now on. 

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Emily was born and raised in Houston, TX and then met her husband, Jon, at Texas A&M. They married in the small town of Wimberly and shortly after moved to sunny Florida. They have two children, Sophie (7) and Graham (3), who keep them active and constantly laughing. They have fallen in love with the city of St. Augustine and love spontaneous trips to the beach before dinner. Emily is a self-proclaimed positive polly with a healthy dose of sarcasm to make light of any situation. She enjoys a glass of wine in a quiet house but secretly loves the daily chaos. Emily is a former preschool teacher and has also tackled being a SAHM, WAHM and recently started a new career with an office job. While embracing the almost 5-year age gap her children have she is learning and loving every minute of this new transition that feels so familiar.