I currently attend a local MOPS group (mothers of preschoolers) in my area, and one of our discussions this year is how as mothers, sometimes we allow things to steal joy away from us. Or we just assume something bad is going to happen and don’t let ourselves feel joy. I’m usually a happy person, not much really stresses me out, and I’m good at taking on other people’s burdens because I process through things well. I will be the first to admit though, that I always have this lingering feeling of the possibility of something going wrong and the joy that I’m feeling being squashed. 


I have woken up on several occasions and one minor thing will go wrong and I’ll assume the rest of the day is following along. That uncomfortable, waiting for something else to go wrong feeling begins to steal the joy you could be experiencing with your children. Just within the last week, my husband’s car got a flat tire, my car started making an obvious noise that I couldn’t even drown out by turning up the radio. Every single time I got in the car with my kids to do something fun I would hear that noise. It would literally steal any of the joy I would have from whatever fun activity I was getting ready to do with my kids. All I kept thinking about was, something else is going to happen … it always comes in threes. Sure enough, a few days later our dryer shut off mid-cycle. I was so frustrated and my kids could tell I was frustrated.

One of the things I have been trying to be more intentional about is not letting my frustrations with everyday challenges get in the way of living a happy and fulfilled life. I don’t want my kids feeling like just because a curveball was thrown my way that I can no longer enjoy the moment. Too many times people allow these insignificant occurrences to affect their personality and day ultimately affecting the time they spend with their families.


Here are a few things that I try and do so that one, two or three bad things that occur do not steal my joy.

  • Find one positive thing about that situation.
  • Create a plan of action to fix whatever negative thing that is going on.
  • Talk to my kids. Kids have the ability to always see the good. Try looking at something from their perspective.
  • Reach out to a friend for positive support. Almost always, someone may have felt how you were feeling at that moment.

Sweet mommas. You can do this. Sometimes life will be hard and uncomfortable but when life gives you lemons … just keep smiling and find some joy.

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Kristi Bricker
Kristi relocated to St. Augustine from Pennsylvania. She has been married for 15 years to her High School sweetheart, Andy. Together they have 3 kids, Eli (13), Liam (7) and Lacey (3). Kristi has a B.A. in Human Development and Family Studies and her Masters degree in Christian Counseling: Crisis Response and Trauma. She enjoys ALL the donuts and is a firm believer that cake should always be eaten for breakfast. She is a social butterfly and loves spending time with friends and family. She really loves baking and crafting and has recently found a love for running. She enjoys being the go-to friend when you’re having a bad day and needing to vent. Kristi also enjoys tasting different coffees at the local coffee shops, but the Kookaburra is her go-to.