I did not want to be a St Augustine mom. I didn’t want to be a St. Augustine anything. Once upon a time, I was happy with my comfortably uncomfortable life and all its familiarity in Sweet Home Alabama.

Hi, y’all! I’m Lauren Harvin, working from home momma of 4. My kids are 4, 11,13 and 20. I’m a fan of bangs, booch, beach days, boy bands and all the baby Yoda memes. Ok, not so much boy bands but back in the day, I was Team N’SYNC. 100%. 

The story of moving here, not wanting to be here and then deciding that yes, in fact, I would like to lay new roots is a long one. The short version is that I became widowed with three children within a year of our arrival and everything about life changed in an instant.   

For a moment I thought that fleeing back to Alabama is what I wanted for the kids and me, but the messiness that grief and confusion created showed me that what was previously Home Sweet Home was not going to be the place for me to navigate this new life. 

I didn’t choose St Augustine but honestly wonder if St Augustine chose me.

There were a lot of forces that got me here and then the collapse that led to us staying.  Whichever the case, I’m glad, for all of it.  

I am now a mom of four. I met a fella and we have a sweet little bonus boy who is now 4 years old. I thought I was “done” having children after my third child and only daughter was born but I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be a momma one more time over with our littlest fella. He’s been the sweetest gift for us all. I was almost 39 when I had him and I’ve especially enjoyed the laid back vibe of being a slightly older, seasoned mama. 

When I’m not looking for socks, doing laundry or running little people from here to there, these days I am building a coaching business and blog site with the focus on self-love, mindset and manifesting.

In my previous life I was severely codependent, so healing that to now serve as a Self Love Coach has been a twist that brings me joy. 

MY favorite thing to do is go to concerts. I adore The Amp and enjoy adding to my list of bands I’ve gotten to see through the years right here in our backyard. However, if Dave Matthews shows up, you can tell him, I’m over him. Two of the five Dave shows I’ve been to have ended with me leaving injured and then there was that one time my car got towed.  

If you really knew me, you’d also know that I love to dance. I grew up dancing and found a love for Zumba back in 2010. I was briefly certified and teaching my beloved Zumba, wearing all the bracelets and crazy pants, I still love me some high top kicks. I had a ridiculous YOLO moment the year my previous husband died and decided it would be a great time to run a half marathon. The thing is, I’ve never run anything so jumping into a 13.1 was not ideal. My left everything still requires a lot of attention and kitchen dance parties are known to send me grabbing the foam roller. I roll my eyes at the getting achier as I get older   

It’s my mission in life to help guide women back to their truest self. I believe that when we heal our past we can create a happier future and we show up fully for our children to learn to do the same. I avoided my past for a long time and eventually it imploded and forced me to sit with all that I wasn’t so that I could become who I really am … An empowered woman. A happy soul. A kitchen dancer. A lightworker. A St Augustine Momma.

I am so happy to be here with you.

XO – Lauren

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Brandie made her way to Jacksonville via South Carolina, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. She met her Chicago-born husband while in college at Boston University in 2000. After six years of dating, he finally proposed to her. They tied the knot in 2007 on Sanibel Island and from then on he decided to give up the cold to live in a place with sunshine and beaches. Brandie and her husband are now raising their three kiddos near St. Augustine. To help balance the insanity of everyday life, Brandie helps at her kids’ schools, manages the content on SAMB and squeezes in workouts from time to time. When Brandie isn’t spending time with her family, she loves to make a trip to the spa with a good book and a glass of wine.