Did you know that March 18th is National Awkward Moments Day? That’s right folks, an entire day dedicated to our most cringe-worthy times in life. When I first learned of this random holiday, I wondered who in the world felt the need to create an event to honor our most embarrassing moments. And then, since I deeply related to this holiday, I realized it had to be a mom. While everyone has their share of “oh my gosh, can this get any more awkward?” incidents, moms are privy to a special kind of awkward that can only occur with the help of our sweet little babes.

Oh sure, I provide myself with plenty of awkwardness on my own. Take the time I thought it was appropriate to throw smack talk at my PASTOR after my alma mater’s football team beat his. For some unknown reason, I thought he’d appreciate my apparently very unfunny attempt to make fun of his beloved team. His look, his completely obvious annoyance with me, and my terrible attempt to force an uncomfortable laugh were beyond awkward. I made a man of God look like he needed Jesus on line one. But somehow (perhaps punishment from the Lord?) my own children have a knack for making my life even more awkward.

When your kid performs an elaborate pole dance on the airport tram…Awkward!

For instance, once, while I was working in my son’s Pre-K class, he attempted to help his teacher create their class list of Letter D words. As I was busying myself with a project in the back of the room, I heard my son’s teacher call his name. I silently hoped he would actually be able to come up with a word that started with D. “DICKS!” he exclaimed. Bless his teacher’s patient, straight-faced, heart. As I awkwardly filled the silence by explaining that “Dicks” is, in fact, a sporting good’s store, she calmly added it to the list. My kid was so proud. Two seconds later his hand was up for another turn. To my horror, she called on him again. He once again excitedly shouted, “DICKS!” I’m not sure if it’s possible to die of embarrassment, but I was frightfully close. I couldn’t have imagined it could get more awkward after that, but lo and behold his little chubby hand went right back up with another D word. “DEAD DOLPHINS!” Oh, for the love of all that’s holy. What is wrong with my child?!

When even your five year old knows when he has made the moment uncomfortable…Awkward!

There is not a mom out there who hasn’t been mortified by their child’s awkward moments. Whether they are pointing out someone’s big belly or bald heads or announcing their bowel movements in a fancy restaurant, we’ve all been there. From all the times our sweet cherubs gleefully sing inappropriate song lyrics to an older relative (mine belted out “booty, booty, booty, rocking everywhere!” to his great Aunt) to the moments they give an ungrateful pout while opening a less than an awesome birthday present in front of the gift giver. It’s as if kids live for making our lives more awkward. So, while I don’t know who created National Awkward Moment’s Day, I firmly believe it had to have been a mom. Our cups runneth over with awkward moments. Why not have one special day to go back and relive all of the times our kids made us want to crawl in a hole and disappear?

Cheers to the awkwardness!

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Karen Smith
Karen was born in Ohio but spent most of her childhood in Florida. She attended the University of Florida, where she met her husband, and she got her Master’s in Elementary Education at the University of South Florida. She taught first grade in Tampa until her oldest son was born. Her plans to return to the classroom changed when her husband’s job brought them to Pennsylvania where they welcomed another son. The following years brought them to Raleigh and then St. Augustine. After spending two years substitute teaching in St. Johns County, Karen is now teaching VPK at a local preschool. She enjoys days on the water with her family, reading “chick lit” with a glass of wine, pretending to be Ina Garten in the kitchen, and cheering on her Gators. She embraces all things #boymom and has never met a doughnut/taco/pasta that she didn’t like.