Mother’s Day is in the rearview mirror now. For a lot of us, that means another trip around the sun before we receive any sort of official recognition for what feels like a daily Herculean effort to keep our little ones alive.

And while Mother’s Day sometimes comes with flowers, breakfast in bed, and being waited on hand and foot all day (or so I’ve heard), it’s basically back to reality the second our eyes open the following morning.

So it got me brainstorming some ideas on what fellow moms can do for one another throughout the year to feel appreciated and valued on a somewhat regular basis.

mom dreamsHere are some top ideas.

Local moms shall create a Kickstarter page that will fund the development of a new type of app which works in the following way: moms download said app (let’s call it FacePalm) on their phone, and it will automatically send out an SOS for immediate drone delivery of wine or chocolate whenever it detects that BabyShark has been put on the one hour loop (I’ve only heard stories of other moms doing this. I would never.)

Any moms who experience their children fighting before sunrise automatically get to take a nap after lunch. If the fighting happens to be over imaginary food (raises hand), that nap gets bumped to a whole hour! Childcare during said nap will be supplied by other moms who have had more sleep (or patience) that day.

When another mom is overheard telling an adult they have to go potty, they will realize how long it has been since she has had a conversation with another adult. This mom automatically gets a pass to go potty UNACCOMPANIED by children for two whole days (graphic designers please chime in here with ideas to create a PDF our users can print, and later present to their family).

Mom friends should consider giving each other a 3 minute back and shoulder rub as a form of greeting. I’m pretty sure most of us can’t afford a professional massage on the regular and I think we can all know  “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” when it comes to asking our husbands for this service, so from now on whenever you start chatting with another mom at the playground, just be casual and proceed as follows: “Hey Susan!” *begins shoulder massage while discussing carpool specifics or snacks for the next class party*. “Remember no eggs or gluten!!”
Honestly, it’s a win-win, right??

Last, but not least, all moms in this year-round social experiment will each receive a hand counter (you know the little contraption used to count people). Instructions are as follows: every time you hear “mommy,” click the counter. If your fingers do not, in fact, wither and fall off during the experiment, the mother with the most clicks at the end of the contest wins a session in a sensory deprivation chamber*.

*Please note that any mom with clicker counts over 900 in 24-hour period gets complimentary earplugs.

Feel free to chime in with your own ideas of how moms can support and encourage each other throughout the year!

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