Oh, pregnancy hormones. Only you could make a full-grown woman collapse into hysteria over a plate of nachos gliding off the dinner plate and onto the floor. 

Yet that is what happens when the gas station is out of hot Cheetos. Or the sandwich was made wrong. Or your 6’7″ husband places your favorite Hawaiian rolls on the top shelf of the pantry. 

Seemingly all expectant mothers have at least one instance in their pregnancy where they dissolve into tears at the drop of a hat. I’ve compiled an impressive selection of examples from fellow mommas to prove to anyone in doubt that pregnancy emotions can morph a woman into someone almost unrecognizable. 

Without further ado, I give you “most ridiculous things ever cried over while pregnant.” The Most Ridiculous Things Ever Cried Over While Pregnant

I Dropped my last Chick Fil A french fry and it rolled under the car seat so it was too dirty for the 5-second rule. I cried the whole way home hysterically.

I just got out of the shower and I sneezed and peed ALL OVER the floor. And then my husband thought my water broke. Literally sobbing.

The drive-thru forgot to give me ketchup.

The Most Ridiculous Things Ever Cried Over While Pregnant

Teaching a CPR class watching practice video I had seen many other times and in the video an old man has a heart attack and his wife was upset. I knew it was 100% staged with actors but still cried.

Cut into a bell pepper and there was a little one in it. I lost it because the pepper was “pregnant.”

When I silently passed gas in bed (which I NEVER did pre-pregnancy) and my husband laughed so hard until I cried.

I was a vegetarian my entire adulthood (as long as my husband knew me) I woke up one morning and said I wanted steak for dinner. He laughed. I sobbed and said he was being mean.

I dropped my deliciously perfect Kung Pao chicken all over the kitchen floor after heating it! I cried buckets!!

I cried in Bed Bath and Beyond because I couldn’t decide between two different pillow patterns for our living room.

My husband came home with Skippy peanut butter instead of Jif and I cried and accused him of not caring about our family.

I went to the P!nk concert with my mom and cried when it started because everyone was so happy and I got overwhelmed.

I didn’t cry while I was pregnant, but after getting our newborn pictures back I sobbed uncontrollably for an hour. I would think I was over it and would start again… “But they’re just so awful! His eyes are OPEN. Newborns shouldn’t have OPEN EYES IN NEWBORN PICTURES!!”

I cried because my husband left the skins in the mashed potatoes.

I cried because I was watching Kids Baking Championship and a little boy was voted off, but then they quickly changed their mind and told him to stay. I was just so, so happy for him.

I took my plate of nachos out of the microwave and they slid right into the floor. I collapsed and sobbed.

He was driving. I was ravished. Patience was not in the car with us. Desperately stopped by Atlanta Bread Co. to get me a “sandwich with turkey on it … any one … just with turkey…” and he comes back with a California: provolone cheese, mayo, tomato and avocado. Did you not hear the word “turkey” in that? Neither did my anxiety attack.

When Maria Sharipova won the French Open – I fell onto the stairs and sobbed. I’ve never been more happy or proud in my entire life and I could have cared less about tennis.

I lost it over my garage door needing to be painted and painted it while crying, covered in paint and weeping. It looked worse after I started and that made me cry more…

Too much mayo on a chicken grilled chicken sandwich from Wendy’s.

A customer called and complained about her bread … I bawled and told her it wasn’t fair of her to call and yell at me because I wasn’t even the one who made it.

I cried when Katherine Heigel won an Emmy. I have never watched Greys Anatomy.

The Most Ridiculous Things Ever Cried Over While PregnantThe fact that 95% of these involve food proves that the baby is the one who is running the show. Anyone who has seen a toddler in full meltdown mode over an incorrectly made pb&j can surely attest to the fact that food is a serious business, after all. 

We could all use a laugh these days. Hit us with your “most ridiculous thing I ever cried over while pregnant” in the comments! 

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Logan Lewis
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  1. OMG these are hilarious! Through my entire pregnancy I COULD NOT want any dog videos, happy or sad. I would cry hysterically if I did. Engagement videos? Nope, I couldn’t watch those either because they made me so happy for the couple about to embark on such a grand journey. I’m not a crier, but pregnancy definitely had me crying over the silliest things.

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