Things You Need for Homeschooling
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If you’ve made the decision to homeschool this fall there are several things you will need to prepare for a successful school year. In addition to selecting a curriculum that is right for your kids, here are five crucial things you need for homeschooling.

Things You Need for HomeschoolingAccess to Books & Resources

Books are a great way to expand on your lessons. Amazon Prime is a great resource for homeschooling families and has lots of free books and documentaries included on a variety of topics. Amazon Free Time is another helpful program for little kids that provides access to children’s books, games, and educational apps.  Of course, your local library is another resource for finding books, DVDs, CDs, and programs to supplement your homeschool curriculum.

Laptop/Computer with Internet Access

Another one of the essential things you need for homeschooling is a laptop or computer. Even if your curriculum is not computer-based, having access to a computer with the Internet is crucial for homeschool success. Just a few uses for a computer include:

  • Using Google to find out how to do something or for research
  • Watching YouTube videos related to topics of study
  • Playing online review/educational games

Magnetic Dry Erase Board

A dry erase board definitely comes in handy for homeschool projects. From writing practice to math work and every subject in between, a dry erase board is an essential homeschool must-have. These magnetic letters and numbers are great for little ones too.

5 Crucial Things You Need for HomeschoolingStorage Solution

Another important aspect to consider is how to store homeschool stuff. There are a lot of supplies that come with the homeschool process. Having a rolling cart, bookshelf or plastic bins are great storage solutions.

5 Crucial Things You Need for HomeschoolingDesktop Printer

One of the most crucial homeschool must haves is a desktop printer and scanner. Having the convenience to print off worksheets and additional resources at home is invaluable in saving time and keeping your kids on task. A scanning feature also helps keep digital copies of your children’s work to reduce clutter and streamline the evaluation process for the end of the year.

5 Crucial Things You Need for HomeschoolingThese five crucial things you need for homeschooling are easy to access and sure to help set you up for a successful year. If you know of any additional homeschool must-haves, feel free to leave them in the comments.