Homeschooling in St Johns County
Thank you to EvalGal for sponsoring this guide to homeschooling in St Johns County. Every family must make the choice that is best for them and we are happy to provide a resource to help those who choose to homeschool. 

Homeschooling in St Augustine Florida is an option for a growing number of parents, especially with concerns of COVID-19 and plans for school this fall. We’ve compiled this guide to homeschooling in St Johns County to help parents who are considering this option for their kids this year.

How to Start Homeschooling in St Augustine

If you plan to homeschool your child(ren) there are a few things you will need to do. This resource from the St Johns County School District is a great starting place for families. First, let the district know your intent. Send a written notice of intent to the school district superintendent or simply fill out this form and submit online. The notice must be filed within 30 days of beginning the home education program.

In addition, homeschooling parents will need to maintain a portfolio of educational records, provide an annual educational evaluation of the student’s educational progress, and preserve the portfolio for two years. We recommend working with local evaluator EvalGal, who completes virtual homeschool evaluations via video chat, where students and parents present their portfolio highlighting all of the wonderful lessons they learned throughout the year. 

The state of Florida also requires submission of a letter of termination to the school district superintendent upon completion of the home education program, enrollment in a public or private school, or moving from the district. Read more about home education requirements in St Johns County.

For Home Education registration questions, you can contact Home Education Clerk, Leslie Johnson at [email protected]

Choosing a Homeschool Curriculum

Once you have chosen homeschool and sent your letter of intent, next it’s time to plan the education for your family. Some parents prepare their own materials, while others use a curriculum produced by companies specializing in homeschool materials. Homeschooling in St Johns County is an ambitious undertaking that requires time, planning, creativity, and commitment, but can also be a fun educational experience for your family.

These are Approved Instructional Materials from St Johns County, but there are lots of options to choose from. This resource lists 10 highly reviewed homeschool curriculums.

There are various homeschooling techniques from faith based learning to unschooling. Finding the best fit for your child(ren) can be a challenge, but is key to a successful homeschool experience. If you want to learn more about different homeschooling styles and curriculums that support each style, you can register for this free webinar hosted by EvalGal.

Choosing Curriculum for Homeschooling in St Johns CountyFacebook Groups for St Augustine Homeschooling

One important factor of homeschooling in St Johns County is getting plugged in with other local homeschool families. Connecting with other homeschool moms allows you to share ideas, plan field trips, troubleshoot problems, and help your child(ren) develop social relationships. Here are three local groups that are highly recommended.

Northeast Florida Homeschool Happenings
St Augustine Homeschoolers
St. Johns County Homeschoolers

Additional Resources for Homeschooling in St Johns County

Florida Parent-Educator Association (FPEA)
(877) 275-3732

Learning is for Everyone

Home Education Foundation

EvalGal Helping Homeschooling Families

EvalGal aims to celebrate the learning and education of every student by celebrating successes and ensuring both parents and students feel supported and valued. EvalGal specializes in homeschool evaluations where students and parents present their portfolio highlighting all of the wonderful lessons they learned throughout the year. These evaluations are done virtually. 

Additionally, EvalGal has a team of tutors that can help meet your child where they are in their learning and bring them to the achievement level you are seeking. They do this by supporting what students have already learned, but also have a group of certified teachers that can prepare a specific lesson to teach from scratch if necessary. Lastly, due to the current pandemic situation and so many uncertainties, Eval Gal saw a need to help educate the community and started a webinar series to help parents navigate their educational options. In the future, Eval Gal will be releasing courses where parents and students can continue to learn.

EvalGal’s founder, Ginger Baker Sanhueza, has over 15 years of experience in education as a public school teacher including many years as a full-time virtual school teacher. She is also very involved in the homeschooling community. She can be found working outside helping local charities and organizations as serving others is a passion of hers, which has helped her connect with other homeschooling parents. Whether through educational resources, or community partnerships, EvalGal is dedicated to serving others.