sports moms

With back-to-school tucked firmly under our belts, it is time to get ready for the next season. You know the one —  SPORTS season! Maybe you signed up because your kid is hyper and needs an outlet. Perhaps you are convinced your kid is really that great and destined to go pro. Who knows, maybe you signed your kid up so you could catch a break to Facebook and chill during practice and games. Um, not like I know anyone like that. Me. Whatever the reason — whether your kid dabbles in sports very lightly or if the concession stand is your dinner table — here is the lowdown on some of the various sports moms you will encounter on your journey.

sports moms

Do you wear a visor and jog during sports practice?

I bet you are a SOCCER MOM (also includes lacrosse/golf/tennis/swim). Your collared Polo tank combined with sweat-wicking athletic skort blow your cover from the parking lot. If you don’t have a car decal yet, it’s just a matter of time. My money is on the fact that you drive either a Honda Odyssey or a Toyota Sienna. If, when on snack duty, you bring fresh organic fruit and avoid red dye 721672, you have found your tribe! I know, I know, taking a break from yoga classes is the worst, ugh. At least you will find like-minded moms on the soccer sidelines.    sports mom

Do you drop your kids off at practice and make a beeline for Target (AKA “the drop and shop”)?

It’s possible you are a FOOTBALL MOM (also includes rugby). If you have come to love shopping for neon accessories, you’ve found your crew here! Your french manicure and mid-sized SUV had me at hello. At games, you will enjoy chatting with the other football moms who also traveled to Aspen, Colorado over Spring Break, like, OMG! You are a bit more chill than some of the other sports moms. When snack duty rolls around, you are bringing Cheetos and Gatorade.

sports moms

Can your pre-teen daughter run a concession stand single-handedly?

You just might be a BASEBALL MOM (also includes softball). The LOUDEST cheering of all the sports moms, you can be intense. You think nothing of spending $300 on a child’s baseball bat. Maybe your kids are still playing “Daddy Ball.” Perhaps they have moved on to baseball so expensive you needed a second mortgage to pay for it. Either way, I am confident that your husband is self employed and drives a work truck. If you have your 7-year-old batting both lefty and righty to get him ready for the majors, you found your people. Wear that baseball life shirt proud, girl. No one needs to know what you are sipping in that monogrammed YETI.

sports moms
Are you down to earth? Do you drive a Subaru/Volkswagen/Nissan?

You’re probably a BASKETBALL MOM (also includes wrestling/hockey/volleyball). Quite possibly the smartest of all the sports moms, you chose an indoor sport! After all, air conditioning in Florida is life ten months out of the year. Sometimes a bit more gruff than the other moms, you mean well. Your gum-popping doesn’t bother me a bit. Your sneaker game is on point and you are easy to chat with! You have 3+ kids so you have a special understanding of crazy. Snack? What snack? You forgot and don’t even feel bad about it. Mom goals!

As for me? Meh, I’m a little bit of all of them. In our family, we try to mix it up and have fun. Statistically speaking, most of our kids will not be heading to the pros. At the end of the day, we’re all just trying our best to raise humans who are not complete jerks. Also before I forget to mention it, snacks! Let’s all agree to stop sending them by age 8, mmmkay? OK, have to go now. Off to sports practice! Our family routine post-practice is to grab a Slurpee and cool off in the beer cooler at the gas station. No judgy. See you on the sidelines!

Sidenote – There is zero affiliate marketing associated with this blog post, but if you spend your life at various sports fields like me, here’s the best chair ever! You’re welcome 🙂

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