Living in Florida in the summer is like living on the surface of the sun, and chances are if you have little ones, you’re going to be out in the heat at the park, pool, beach or theme parks quite a bit. I don’t love my bare face so personally, I never go anywhere without at least some makeup (yes even at the beach)! We’re in the midst of that time of year when our makeup tends to melt right off our faces with just one step outside. I’m by no means a makeup expert, but over many years of fighting the Florida heat, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks for helping my makeup stay put in the that I feel are worth sharing. So, without further ado, here are my top five tips for sweat-proofing your summer makeup:

Don’t Skip the Sunscreen

Not trying to sound like your mom, but if you’re going out in the sun, you need to protect your skin — especially your face. Unless your moisturizer or foundation contains a high SPF, I recommend using a separate facial SPF under your makeup. I’ve never been a fan of chemical sunscreens because they break my face out. I recently discovered Sun Bum’s Mineral Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion with UVA/UVB broad spectrum SPF 50 and I’ve fallen in love. It’s non-greasy, lightweight and dries down in a couple of minutes so it won’t interfere with your makeup application.

summer makeup hacks

Prime Your Face

If you really want to help your makeup stay pristine, using a primer is your best bet. My favorite affordable options from the drugstore are the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer and NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Matte Primer. If your skin is naturally oily, you’ll want to pick a matte primer, while those with drier skin can pick a more natural or hydrating primer, like the Nyx Hydratouch Touch D’Hydrayion Primer Base. Allow your primer to fully dry for a few minutes before moving on to foundation.

Lay a Solid Foundation

Foundation is the one piece of makeup I won’t skip. But it’s also the last thing you want breaking up, clumping up, and sliding all over your face in the heat. My first tip is, even if you’re using something full coverage, to try and stay as light as you can with the foundation and not try to cake on too many layers. Applying your foundation with a damp Beauty Blender will help you get a light even coat and you can build it up gradually layer one layer at a time if you need more coverage. Second, unless you are okay with something lighter like a BB Cream or CC Cream, I’d recommend finding a long-wear foundation that will hold up in the heat. I have a few favorite tried and tested brands of long-wear foundation that have lasted well outdoors. Covergirl Outlast Active Foundation is my new favorite. I’ve also had success with the Estee Lauder  Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation, and the Nyx Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation. Finally, if you can skip it, I’d skip the powder altogether. But if your skin is on the oilier side, use powder sparingly in the T zone and under the eyes only. Press your foundation into the skin with a damp Beauty Blender to help it stay in place.

Pick Waterproof Products

For the rest of the face, you can pick and choose what else to apply. Typically in the heat, it’s best to go for a more natural look. For bronzer, I prefer to apply it in the areas the sun would naturally hit rather than trying for any serious contouring. Rimmel makes a great waterproof bronzer if you wish to use bronzer as part of your makeup look. If you want to use a blush, you can actually find waterproof blushes too, like the Cargo Water Resistant Blush. I like to apply a waterproof liner, like the Elf Intense H2O Proof Eyeliner Pen, on the top lashes only, staying close to the lashline and drawing a more subtle wing. I’d recommend skipping liner in the upper and lower waterline unless you want to deal with raccoon eyes immediately after stepping outside. Mascara is usually one of the steps I’ll skip, opting for the top liner instead. But if you want to use a mascara find something waterproof like the Covergirl Lashblast Volume Mascara in Waterproof — which will make your lashes look amazing and stay on even underwater.

Go Light on the Eyes and Lips

Finally, it comes down to your personal preference but in the heat, I like to go lighter on the eyes and lips. I like to multitask my bronzer on the eyes as a crease color, but this will depend on your skin tone. For the lid, I’d pick a shade similar to your skin tone, just to even out the lids. I’d recommend avoiding any form of glitter, shimmer, or drastic shadow colors if there’s a chance you could be out in extreme temperatures. I also recommend going for a light gloss or sheen on the lips as opposed to something full coverage or matte. These Revlon Kiss Lip Balms and the Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balms are my favorites.

Even if your summer makeup looks less than perfect, don’t let it stop your summer fun! Your kids would much rather get out there and enjoy the Florida sunshine with you than worry about whether your eyeliner is smudged! I hope these few tips will help you look and feel your best. Be sure to share any sweat-proof makeup tips you might have in the comments below.

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Eve was born and raised in Lancashire, England. She fell in love with Florida during her first Disney vacation at 8 years old and finally made the move across the pond to beautiful St. Augustine at age 16. She attended Lynchburg College in Virginia and graduated with a degree in psychology, before moving back to Florida for law school. She and her husband were married in a fairytale castle in Las Vegas and now have a sweet and sassy 4-year-old girl, Eden, a baby boy, Holden, born in June 2020, and a fluffy little pup named Angie. Eve is a full-time attorney practicing in estate planning, probate administration, trust administration, and probate and trust litigation. She also has a serious Pinterest addiction and loves a good DIY or home décor project. Eve is a self-proclaimed mer-mom and can usually be found spending time with her family at the beach, pool, splash pad, and on many playdates.