It’s that time of the year again, the dreaded spring cleaning season. Cleaning doesn’t have to be overwhelming, though. Get started by throwing away these 15 common clutter items today. 

spring cleaning

Lotions & Bath Products

I hope I’m not alone in having a bathroom cabinet full of old half-used lotions. Whether they were gifts I didn’t actually use or scents I outgrew quickly, they are just taking up precious storage space. Time to make room and throw out the ones that aren’t absolutely loved and used on a regular basis. Throw away extremely old bottles, and donate the partially used ones to a women’s shelter.


Once a candle starts to lose it’s fragrance or is mostly black it’s time to be thrown out. It’s unsafe to burn a candle when the wick is too short. If you’ve outgrown the scent or just have too many candles laying around, narrow it down to a few favorites. 

Expired Medicines

Most medications expire after a year. Spring is an excellent opportunity to go through the medicine cabinet, throw away any medicines that have expired and take inventory to see what needs to be replenished. Remember to take any expired prescription medications to your local pharmacy for proper disposal. 

Old Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry that’s no longer in style or broken should be tossed out to reduce clutter. If it’s not a family heirloom, or of sentimental value, it probably isn’t worth saving to fix in the future. 

Old Cups

Our family collects cups. Not on purpose. They seem to mysteriously multiple in our cabinet. This spring, I plan to clean out all the mix-matched, old or oddly shaped cups that are hard to clean. Fewer dishes and less clutter is a win-win. 

DVD Cases

These take up SO MUCH SPACE. We opted for a large CD case instead and consolidated all DVD’s into one large binder. This makes searching for movies a lot easier and reduces the space needed in our entertainment center. 

Expired Food

There are several foods in our fridge that simply aren’t used on a regular basis but were necessary for that one particular recipe or a party I threw last year. These foods need to go. Take a few minutes and check the expiration dates. Anything that’s expired should be tossed. 

Cheap Coat Hangers

Skim through your closet or laundry room, and I’m sure there are cheap wire hangers from the dry cleaner or plastic ones from recent clothing purchases. These hangers aren’t very durable and just take up space. Throw them away if they’re not in immediate use. 

Broken Kids Toys

If a toy is missing a piece or broken beyond repair, it’s time to throw it away. Of course, there are always those exceptions that our kids simply can’t live without. The cheap Dollar Store toys they won’t notice are missing are fair game. 


My desk drawer collects so many pens throughout the year and when I need one I have to try 4-5 before I find one that actually writes. Time to throw the bulk away and keep only a few that you really love and work well. 


Who listens to CDs anymore? Rip the songs to your computer and get rid of those space stealing CDs. I have a few CDs I’ve kept in a small organizer in my car, but other than that all music is stored on my computer. 


For a while, I felt SO guilty about throwing away greeting cards. Not only are cards expensive but they also have sentimental value. Friends and family have taken great thought and consideration to write a sweet note or select the perfect card. However, cards are a terrible source of clutter. I have learned to keep them around for a few weeks in a place I can view and enjoy them and then pass them onto the trash can or recycle. I do have a small box of a few very special cards I keep, but I keep it limited to that box only. 

Old Receipts

Even if you need to save receipts for tax purposes, it’s not a good practice to keep them in their tangible form for extended periods of time. The ink on receipts fades quickly. Instead, take pictures of your receipts and save them to Google Photos (a free app that offers unlimited storage). 

Unmatched Socks

Just face the cold hard truth, you will never find the matches. EVER. Time to empty the single sock basket and start fresh. 

Old Makeup

Make-up, like everything, has an expiration date. If it’s been in use for more than a couple months, it’s probably time for a replacement. I have a lot of unused old eye shadow palettes or lipsticks that need to be thrown out. 

Spring Cleaning
Photo courtesy of ‘The Beauty Junkee’

What items do you have laying around that need to be tossed? I’d love to hear about your spring cleaning process!