Once upon a time I may have chuckled as I drove past the mini-van mom who was proudly sporting Disney World memorabilia on her trunk. I’d see her photos on Facebook, read her posts where she was gushing about her experience at Disney, and I’d honestly think it was all a bit much. Then I had kids and I became that very mom. It happened when I first felt those wonderfully addictive rushes of excitement and pure joy that Disney brings. Not by experiencing things myself, but merely by watching my children experience things. Their first Peter Pan ride, their first taste of Dole whip, their first night of fireworks… I could go on and on. In sort of a magical (we’re talking about Disney here people), telepathic way, their joy instantly became my own. So for this, and more, I’d like to say thank you.

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Dear Disney, thank you! To those at the top who make the creative and executive decisions, all the way to those who feed the masses and kindly usher us into our coveted Fast Pass lines, thank you! Thank you for your vision, your smiles, and your contagious excitement.

Thank You for Reminding us to Celebrate!

Life is precious. Those we love are precious. Each stage, each milestone deserves a celebration. Sometimes I get lost in the day to day responsibilities and forget to celebrate life! The little moments, the big moments, and everything in between. So thank you!

Thank You for Giving us an Escape

In a world that’s full of sadness, war, and problems that at times seem insurmountable, thank you for giving us a place to come and wish upon a star. A place that smells of waffle cones and twinkles of happiness and magic. A place where the young can feel that anything is possible, and the old can feel like kids again.

Thank You for Inviting Everyone to Be Your Guest

No matter your age, your nationality, or ability, Disney wonderfully accommodates all people. I love walking around the parks and seeing how people from all walks of life can come to this magical place and enjoy the same things together. We may speak different languages, vote for different people, and face different struggles, but we can all dance with the mouse, eat a turkey leg, and enjoy the happiest place on earth together.  

Thank You for the Memories

Charlotte Kasi said it best when she said “A life-long blessing for children is to fill them with warm memories of times together. Happy memories become treasures in the heart to pull out on the tough days of adulthood.” I know after we leave Disney we will have tough times, both of us. But as we whimsically spin around on the Merry Go Round with “Chim Chimney” playing in the background, everything is perfect. I try my best to permanently etch the beaming, sweet smile on my four-year-old’s face into my long-term memory, and I also take a blurry photo- just in case I forget this sweet moment.

So for the food, the fun, and for reminding me to celebrate life with friends and family, thank you!

See you again soon!