There are a handful of women who absolutely inspire me. You know the type. She always looks great, serves on all the boards, and still bakes fresh cookies for her kid’s class bake sale. She makes you feel like you are important, and you notice that she does that for everyone. She does that because to her, everyone is important.

That girl just seems to have a little extra sparkle.

My friend Jennifer was one of those women. When we met in college we became instant besties. We had a lot in common. We were both in professional schools at The University of Florida and we both loved to dance. But, there was a deeper, soul sister, kind of connection between us.

Very quickly I realized why. She was THAT girl. The kind of girl who could make other girls feel inadequate if she wasn’t so damn nice and considerate and genuine. She simultaneously built you up by being so encouraging and inspired you to improve by being so incredibly amazing herself.

That girl is not a Pollyanna or sickeningly sweet. Those kinds of women get annoying really fast.

No, she is humble and easily admits her short-comings but, never wallows. She is not a complainer but, rather a problem solver. It doesn’t matter if she is a stay-at-home mom or a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. She makes the world a better place just by being in it.

To borrow from the Marianne Williamson quote indirectly: Her light gives us permission to shine a little brighter. It inspires us to sparkle even just a little bit more.

My friend lost her battle with cancer in February, a little over a month before her 39th birthday. She displayed grace and poise right up to the end. After she passed I vowed to be more like her.

This blog is dedicated to all of those women who have inspired and encouraged me over the years, especially Jennifer. Her light may have gone out but, I know so many people who shine brighter because they were touched by her.

We all have that power. So don’t be afraid to be the one to talk to the strangers in the store and offer up your mother’s recipe for banana bread to the other moms at the school. We all just want to be seen. We are all afraid of not being liked or understood. Go ahead and be the one that helps other women feel good about themselves. Leave everyone a little brighter.

Be THAT girl!

Who is THAT girl in your life? Share this with her. Even the most incredible women need to hear it once and awhile.


  1. Thank you Jess,
    I am so sorry to hear of Jennifer’s passing. Jennifer won the battle of Life. Its obvious hearing how she inspired you! Jess you are that girl! I admire and I am inspired by you daily. You too are winning in life, living to the fullest! I am so proud to be part of it.God Bless you!
    Love you,
    Aunt Moe

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