“Self-confidence is a superpower. Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts happening.”

This year my goal is to be more confident. I want to be confident in the place I am at in life, my parenting skills, my beauty, my talents, my friendships, and more. Doubt and insecurities are in the job of tearing things down. We do not need to make room for those things to creep into any area of our life. And, I am determined not to have anything tearing me down this year if I can control it. I want to challenge you to do the same because it is a game-changer. Below are some ways that I have found to be successful in building confidence.

Redirect Your Negative Thoughts and Unarm Your Insecurities

It takes conscious effort to go against these things in your mind but you can do it and once you do, then your self-confidence can flourish. Tell yourself truths when these things creep in. For example, I tell myself, “you are a great mom and today is just a challenging day” or “you are an amazing friend and you don’t need to prove yourself or compete.” Telling myself simple things like this has really helped my confidence and in certain situations, it has made the BIGGEST difference in a time when I would have battled thoughts of negativity and doubt.

Explore the Things You Are Good At and Spend More Time Doing Those Things

No one is the same. You have gifts and talents that are unique to you. I read somewhere that confidence is like a muscle and the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Practice being confident by doing things you are good at and confident in!

Surround Yourself With Positive and Uplifting Things

This includes friends, media, events, etc. Imagine that the things you are doing and surrounding yourself with fuels you. You should fuel up with positivity and encouragement so that your confidence will be charged and that is what you will exude. In return, you can be a person that is positive and uplifting in both your child and spouse’s life, which leads me to my last point.

Photo snapped at The Bardot Beauty Lounge

Let Your Confidence Shine and Help Foster It In Those Around You

Everyone can benefit from a confidence boost and that includes your kids and spouse. A way that I have found helps build confidence in others in a MAJOR way is being intentional and engaging in conversations. For instance, instead of just passively responding with something short like, “that’s great” or “good job,” try giving that person your full attention and embellishing on your answer. Try saying, “Wow, tell me more.” Or “That’s crazy, how did you feel after he/she said that?”

It has changed a lot of areas in my life for the better. I hope this post inspires you and remember . . . “Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts happening.” What difference could a little magic make in your life or your family’s life?

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Determined never to grow up and stop pretending, Hannah lives with her husband and two children make-believing in forts and going on adventures in the old enchanted city of St. Augustine. Having been born in Key West and raised in the country outside of Gainesville, she is a true Florida native with saltwater in her blood and a heart for the community. Hannah manages a busy calendar filled with family gatherings, volunteering at her church, and activities with her kids on top of working a full-time job at Flagler College. She is also the author of the children's book, UnBEARably Bored, which her two little ones inspired. Hannah is truly happy when she is party planning for one of her children's birthdays, cruising on the boat with her husband, or nerding out over books.