Let’s take a few moments to appreciate the sheer awesomeness of the fellow “mom friend.” Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my friends dearly, each of them is amazing in their own unique way, and we connect on many different levels. But there is something extra special about those “mom-friends” that sets them apart from the others and I want to share with you just some of the many reasons why I think they’re fantastic!  

mom friends

Mom Friends Operate in the Same “Time Zone”

My mom friends know that if we make a plan at 10:00 a.m. none of us are actually getting there until 10:30. It’s just not going to happen. There’s always a 30-minute buffer for that “getting out the door struggle.” You know that struggle? When your toddler wants to put on their own shoes, and you realize you forgot to pack snacks for everyone. Then your little one decides now would be a perfect time to poop after they’re fastened into the car seat. And in all the chaos you lose your keys. That’s the 30-minute buffer zone. No one’s getting there five minutes early. We’re all running “last minute” and by “last minute” we mean 30 minutes late, and that’s perfect timing. 

mom friends

Mom Friends Know how to Multitask

My mom friends are legendary multi-taskers. If we’re meeting for coffee with the kids in tow there’s going to be a lot of extra “stuff” going on. Mom friends can carry on a seamless conversation while chasing after their kids, feeding a newborn, being climbed on, poked, and even over a chorus of “mom, mom, mom, mommy, look mom.” We can follow each other’s train of thought, even if that thought starts and ends at a different “station.”

mom friends

Mom Friends Don’t Mind if the House is a Mess

Your mom friends can appreciate the fact that a messy house means that memories are being made. They know that our house can look model home pristine at times, but within a matter of minutes, our kids can tear it apart. Mom friends know that while you’re picking up one mess, your kids are likely busy creating another bigger mess. They are able to look past that pile of laundry on the floor or those misplaced blocks and understand that you tried!

mom friends

Mom Friends Know all the Same Songs as You

I’ll admit that there have been times I’ve been hanging with my “non-mom” friends and they’d be jamming out to the latest chart-topper. I want to rock out with them “but the voice inside sings a different song, what is wrong with me?” Sometimes it’s as if I’m “in a kingdom of isolation and it looks like I’m the queen.” Honestly, I can’t tell you what’s at the top of the charts right now, but I do know every word to “How Far I’ll Go.” So, “what’s the lesson, what is the takeaway?” Your mom friends know all the songs you know, from the Disney classics to that ever so annoying “Baby Shark, Daddy Shark” song. In fact, some (like me) even know the words to every Fisher-Price musical toy that ever entered our homes. So, “Let it go, don’t hold it in anymore.” You can sing along with your mom friends without fear of ridicule. “Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay, you’re welcome.

Mom Friends Share the Same Fantasies

Any mom can attest that our deepest, darkest fantasies include going to the store alone, driving alone, showering alone, in fact, anything where our tiny little-beloved humans give us five minutes of “me time.” We dream about sleeping in past 7 a.m., finishing a meal while its hot and watching a full, uninterrupted episode of something other than Daniel Tiger. 

mom friends

Mom Friends Have Your Back

One of the most special things about mom friends is they understand you. They know that sometimes motherhood vacillates somewhere between loving your child so much you could actually explode with joy and feeling like you are one more tantrum away from losing your mind altogether. Whatever you’re feeling, your mom friends have probably felt it too. Whatever nap-rejecting, vegetable-hating, biting, yelling, hell-raising stage your child is going through, they’ve probably experienced it before. Your mom friends are there, they’re listening, they understand and they’re willing to help. Whether that means watching your children for an hour so you can take a nap, or lending you their copy of whatever self-help book worked miracles on their little insomniac. Mom friends are a wealth of knowledge and advice and a support system through your toughest parenting moments. So shout out to my mom friends and to all the moms supporting each other in the sisterhood of motherhood. You Rock!

Still looking for your mom tribe? Check out this post for helpful tips on making mom friends. Local events for moms and kids are also a great place to begin meeting other moms. The events held by the local library, Well Women 360, and Come Sign With Us are just a few local activities where you’re bound to meet other moms with similar interests. In addition, look out for future events hosted by St. Augustine Moms Blog, designed to help bring our community of moms together. 

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Eve was born and raised in Lancashire, England. She fell in love with Florida during her first Disney vacation at 8 years old and finally made the move across the pond to beautiful St. Augustine at age 16. She attended Lynchburg College in Virginia and graduated with a degree in psychology, before moving back to Florida for law school. She and her husband were married in a fairytale castle in Las Vegas and now have a sweet and sassy 4-year-old girl, Eden, a baby boy, Holden, born in June 2020, and a fluffy little pup named Angie. Eve is a full-time attorney practicing in estate planning, probate administration, trust administration, and probate and trust litigation. She also has a serious Pinterest addiction and loves a good DIY or home décor project. Eve is a self-proclaimed mer-mom and can usually be found spending time with her family at the beach, pool, splash pad, and on many playdates.


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